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  1. 04/11/2019

    I expect additional future shipments and look forward to your fine service. Your delivery truck driver is a real professional.

  2. 03/28/2019

    Thanks for the help Paula

  3. 03/06/2019

    Thomas, I just opened my crate and my Cape buffalo skull mount is not in there. The hide is but not the head I’m in a panic state.

  4. 02/15/2019

  5. 02/14/2019

    I will recommand Higveld/Oxi Logistics. Higveld welcomed us for delivery on a Sunday and deliverd outstanding work, well packed. Oxi kept me informed all the way. No doubt i will do exactly the same next time.

  6. 01/25/2019

  7. 01/22/2019

  8. 01/10/2019

  9. 01/09/2019

  10. 01/02/2019

  11. 12/30/2018

    More regular updates on status of trophies would be helpful. The work was outstanding, beautifully done.

  12. 12/02/2018

  13. 12/02/2018

    After I received the crates, I organized an unboxing theremoney with hunting frinds. UNfortunelly we found the Waterbuck damaged and lose from the plate the lose Waterbuck also damaged the scull mount of the Nyala. You can imagine our big disapointment. I hop we will find a way to fix it again.

  14. 11/30/2018


  15. 11/26/2018

  16. 10/24/2018

    Great service.

  17. 09/21/2018

    Hello Thomas, I was happy to get the shipment after much delays. Your group could have kept me advised of the delays a little better, I found that I had to contact you to find out when the shipment would leave SA. The taxidermy is just fine, I wish I would have used more rail wood in my selections.

  18. 09/12/2018

    Great company to deal with, quick responses to questions. Everything went very smooth, would definitely use again in the future. Would highly recommend to anyone else needing these services, thanks again

  19. 08/24/2018

  20. 08/17/2018

  21. 08/13/2018

    All animals got here safe and sound .all in excellent condition with no damage whatsoever..we are excited..

  22. 07/26/2018

    The team is great. I was at all times kept in the loop. Great work Paula

  23. 07/25/2018

  24. 07/04/2018

    Paula does a excellent job

  25. 07/04/2018

  26. 07/04/2018

    Great service as always!!

  27. 06/27/2018

  28. 06/25/2018

  29. 06/13/2018

    Keep doing what you are doing

  30. 06/06/2018

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