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  1. 05/22/2018

  2. 05/22/2018

    So far it’s been amazing.


  3. 05/21/2018

    Breakfast dishes were tasty. A lot of the dinner dishes were bland.

  4. 05/21/2018

    Really easy to use service and very communicative on the shipping process. Meals were great, simple heat up on stove and dinner is served. I enjoy this service especially when I'm burned out on cooking or figuring out meals for myself. And love the fact these are healthy meals that taste good. Thank you!

    I really loved the meals and look forward to using your service again.

  5. 05/21/2018

    Although my most recent order was fine, i have ordered the “Keto” meal package in the past and received meals with 20+ grams of carbs in them! My daily allowance for carbs is 20g!!! Granted, i’m Sure that fiber nets out some of those, but i would hardly call something with potatoes Keto-friendly

    Although my most recent order was fine, i have ordered the “Keto” meal package in the past and received meals with 20+ grams of carbs in them! My daily allowance for carbs is 20g!!! Granted, i’m Sure that fiber nets out some of those, but i would hardly call something with potatoes Keto-friendly

  6. 05/21/2018


  7. 05/18/2018

    Love the food and the convienence! I have been ordering for a few years now

  8. 05/16/2018

    The food is fresh, delicious, and so easy to prepare. I have been needing to get on a strict Whole30 regimen for health reasons and this program made it so easy. I've been recommending it to everyone. It's straightforward and easy to understand.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. 05/15/2018



  10. 05/14/2018

    I’ll definitely buy again. Food was delicious but the chicken wasn’t my favorite. Delivery was prompt. Thank you!

  11. 05/14/2018

    The convenience of the food is only beaten by the flavors...very tasty and love the Whole 30 compliance. Just wish that you could find out what meals you'd be receiving.

  12. 05/14/2018

    True Fare delivered promptly, and the recipes were diverse and delicious.

  13. 05/13/2018

  14. 05/11/2018

    I would love it if you started selling side vegetable dishes of Spaghetti squash, ColeSlaw, Mashed potatoes, and Potato's (Hash Browns/Cubed Potatoes)!! :)

  15. 05/09/2018

  16. 05/08/2018

    Took longer than expected to receive the meals. There was also no barcode on the packaging for ease of scanning into apps. Have the meals in the bags Vs. container was a unpleasant experience - needed scissors to cut and reheating presentation was less than desirable.

  17. 05/08/2018

    I CAN’T TELL EASILY IF I ENROLLED IN SUBSCRIPTION OR just a 1x delivery - i would like to be able to see this readilly. The chicken product from lunch and dinner wasn’t the best. Quite gristly

  18. 05/08/2018

    I had a very good experience with my first purchase of TRUEFARE. The order process was simple as the delivery was timely and the food was very tasteful. I love the convenience and it gives me an opportunity to have a healthier diet without having to take the time and effort to shore and prepare the meals. An added bonus was that I did not have the desire to dine out as often. Great job so far! I have already placed my second order!

  19. 05/03/2018

    Great service, healthy and convenient. There just wasn’t enough variety and I got sick of the food very quickly. All had similar ingredients and flavor so it got boring fast.

  20. 05/03/2018

    So easy to order and the food is simple to prepare and delicious

    It would be more convenient if you could order multiple servings so we can order for a family

  21. 05/01/2018

  22. 04/30/2018

    Excellent overall. We jones for the chili/soup packs, the meatloaf and meatballs, the beef dishes. The fishes are fantastic except, perhaps, the cod and tuna which for some reason, don't cook up nicely. NO idea why.

    The menu is delicious however we find the citrus pepper spice pack undelicious, even bitter. We asked but were told "no" to being given additional of the other spice packs. We tend to discard the veg packs that contain onions because reheating them makes the apartment smell bad for days. The chicken dishes are tasty but reheat to be very overdone.

  23. 04/30/2018

    Joseph was was a very helpful in answering any questions I had about the menus.

    Two items were missing from my most recent order.

  24. 04/30/2018

    Excellent and no hassle service. Truefare has a very easy website to navigate and are great with communicating when your order will arrive. I also love the packaging, no longer large foam coolers yet easy packaging that can be recycled. 100% recommend for delicious, convenient, nourishing food!

  25. 04/30/2018

    Food is delicious, easy to reheat, tastes fresh and flavorful

  26. 04/30/2018

    I have ordered and enjoyed the food- so I ordered 5 meals for my dad. He doesn't cook and lives alone and I thought it would be something to make sure he is eating sufficient calories without preservatives. It was great. True fare meal packs make great gifts! thanks!

  27. 04/29/2018

    Food is very tasty

    More variety

  28. 04/29/2018

  29. 04/29/2018

    The ordering process was simple, the food arrived on time, the food tastes fantastic, and I never felt deprived after finishing s meal.

    Extremely satisfied with my entire experience with truefare!

  30. 04/26/2018

    I loved the ease of getting a whole 30 done without any effort. It was so simple! I would order again if the vegetable side was not included. I didn’t care for the veggie sides because I prefer to make my own. I used Trufare sides for a week. Second week, I bought fresh veggies and made them myself. Having the main protein done by Trufare made all the difference in keeping me on the whole 30. In regards to the snack, I would have preferred chomps beef sticks or just plain nuts. The trail mix was good but I don’t really like sweet stuff.

    Thank you! I was amazed that I didn’t have any cravings or difficulty following the whole 30. I haven’t weighed myself but my clothes fit better and I wake up easier and have no dips in my energy throughout the day.

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