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  1. 02/15/2018

    I've had a pleasant experience with True Fare so far. The meals are delicious and perfect for a single person who doesn't feel like preparing meals.

  2. 02/15/2018

  3. 02/15/2018

  4. 02/14/2018

    I am a fan. Nice to have easy and convenient meals that are high quality.

    There is conflicting information on your Q&A and emails about shipping dates. I ordered Friday morning before 10. One source said I would get it Friday and one said Monday. Then it arrived on Tuesday. No big deal. It would just make it easier for meal planning purposes to know when its arriving. Just update your Q&A section.

  5. 02/14/2018

  6. 02/14/2018

    love the concept and ease but honestly have not been overly impressed with the food, taste, flavor. will be cancelling my order. the vegetables have been awful.

    see above.

  7. 02/13/2018

    Joseph was amazing to work with!

  8. 02/13/2018

    So far so good

    The menu cards weren't exactly correct with the products but close enough that it doesn't really matter.

  9. 02/13/2018

    Need more seafood meals. Need no beef and no pork option

  10. 02/13/2018

    Food is easy to prepare, but taste horrible.

  11. 02/12/2018

    Convenient and healthy.

    Some items taste great, but some are lacking flavor, such as the chicken stew. Additionally, some of the veggies seem to store a lot of water which takes away from the flavour. Seems like the menu has not change too much over the past 6 months. I love that the food is low in salt and the nutrients are great. Lastly, I miss the breakfast crumbles.

  12. 02/12/2018

    Haven't eaten all the meals yet, but if they're all as good as the ones I have had, yum!

    Was a little confused as to whether the intro pack can be ordered again.

  13. 02/12/2018

  14. 02/11/2018

  15. 02/11/2018

    So we have been very pleased with the foods that we order. Shipping is timely and the food is always delicious. However, we used to be able to ask for vegetable substitutions and we understand that is no longer allowed. Can you add some diversity to include something other than cauliflower, which doesn't agree with us. Also the sweet potato mash/puree just isn't very good. We would love it if you would offer more a la carte protein items with a greater variety of vegetable options. Or perhaps offer more individual protein options and more individual vegetable options, that way we can choose what suits our health the best. Thank you!

  16. 02/09/2018

  17. 02/09/2018

    Food tastes very good. Burger seemed raw inside (like raw ground beef color red) though the outside was cooked. I cooked it longer and it was fine. It was my perception that there was a 2-7 day processing delay before the order was shipped. This wasn’t a problem but it was surprising and it would have been better to have been notified up front of that time gap on the site. I got my meals about a week later than I originally anticipated essentially. I also liked the folder with meals but having the main course and the side vegetables not separated has consistently caused me to fish around the bags to match up the side to the main dish. Wrapping the two in an elastic could make the user experience better when picking out meals to thaw

  18. 02/09/2018

  19. 02/08/2018

    the puree on one of the meals was awful, like eating baby food.

    either food was tasteless or had too much sodium.

  20. 02/07/2018

    Great experience - good for busy periods when I would not have time to cook

    Breakfasts are stronger than main meals which were sometimes a little lacking or did not reheat as well.

  21. 02/07/2018

    Satisfied, prepackaged and portion control great, more flavoring wud b good but with whole30 this may not b option. We expect t o continue with you, but a different p lan

    Love the partion control and convenience

  22. 02/06/2018

    very convenient for me, otherwise i'm cooking all of the time! Food could use a little bit more spices, some seems a little bland.

  23. 02/05/2018

    If time is one of the main factors keeping you from doing a Whole30, you need to try True Fare! These chef-made meals taste great and are so convenient.

    Thank you, Joseph, for sending me some meals to try.

  24. 02/05/2018

  25. 02/04/2018

    I have tried just about every meal service out there, and subscribe to two of them religiously. I had high hopes for this, because I have long felt the one thing missing was a service that catered specifically to my dietary needs. Unfortunately, this was really far below what I would consider a customer-friendly meal service. First, you charge $55 for shipping, which is outrageous compared to every other service out there. But I was willing to swallow that to get a convenient, high quality set of meals low-carb delivered. What arrived, however, was a mess to deal with. First, instructions for the meals are not clear at all. Second, stickers indicating which fish was which had all come off as a result of the dry ice, so I am left to pick through and try to decipher which is which. Definitely the least organized, least user friendly service I have experienced. Will not be purchasing again.

  26. 02/02/2018

    Very pleased! Already recommended you to colleagues of mine

    Please notify in writing or other way of notification burgers are sent raw only seared on outside. I had not been notified and was shocked

  27. 02/02/2018

    Amazing customer service - I knew when my order was coming and it arrived still well frozen. I LOVE the convenience of having Whole30 food in my fridge/freezer for when life gets busy. The food tasted great and can be such an asset to those doing a Whole30. So happy that TrueFare has joined the Whole30 family!!

  28. 02/02/2018

  29. 02/02/2018

    We purchased 5 days of meals for our son and daughter-in-law to make their life easier after the birth of their daughter. They are both very health conscious and appreciated how delicious and healthy these meals are. Thank you so much!

  30. 01/31/2018

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