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  1. 10/19/2018

    Overall food was good and well portioned. The delivery was awful. I did 2 day delivery and it took about 6 days

  2. 10/19/2018

    I enjoyed the meals from True Fare very much, everything was very tasty and the process very convenient and efficient.

    I would prefer more variety from week to week and I also had an issue with a couple of the meals (packaging split open and leaked everywhere) and one meal was missing the protein, it was only vegetables. Just suggestions, overall my experience was very good.

  3. 10/17/2018

    I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of each product. The meat was of good quality and tasted fresh. I ordered the AIP meals , even with the restrictions each meal still had flavor. It would be hard to eat these routinely though simply because the veggie sides where all the same. I might suggest changing up the veggies, it was very heavy on sweet potatoes. Also, the turkey soup was more of a broccoli soup. I'd like a bit more meat in it.

  4. 10/17/2018

    Love the variety. Portions are properly sized. Food is delicious.

    Wishing vegetable options were larger portioned. Difficult to reach customer service via phone number.

  5. 10/15/2018

    Very positive experience.

    I would like to have known if the meals sent qualified as a full Whole30 plate.

  6. 10/15/2018

    The food is delish! easy, healthy and takes the guess work out of staying on track!

    Joseph is one patient man! Explained everything to me and helped custom tailor the plan to fit my dietary needs! You guys rock!!

  7. 10/15/2018

    Each entree was delicious and having these items on hand made my Whole30 so much easier!

  8. 10/15/2018

  9. 10/15/2018

  10. 10/11/2018

    Lunch and dinner food fresh and tasty. Breakfast a bit too heavy and spicy.

  11. 10/10/2018


  12. 10/10/2018

  13. 10/10/2018

  14. 10/10/2018

  15. 10/09/2018

  16. 10/09/2018

    Food is good but a bit bland. I add seasoning, and everyone is different, but just something to consider.

  17. 10/08/2018

  18. 10/08/2018

    Excellent customer service, fast shipping, and quality prepared food that's convenient and tasty. Especially the breakfast hashes.

  19. 10/05/2018

    I would like to be able to adjust and modify or "skip" orders on my own online without contacting customer service, like you can with other mail order food services, but the ease and immediate reply of your customer service staff makes this little inconvenience almost negligible. I've worked with Joseph many times through email and he is always great and accurate with my orders!

  20. 10/05/2018

    Food had no taste!!

  21. 10/04/2018

    The service is amazing. Makes it much easier to stay committed to whole 30.

    I would like a bit more variety with the meals from week to week. But over all so in love!

  22. 10/03/2018

    This is my first time with a pre made frizen meal verses fresh. I think portions are smaller but flavors have been great.

  23. 10/01/2018

    I was completely satisfied with my first shipment. Packaging the protein separate from the veggies was a genius idea! This has helped keep the flavor and texture with the re-heating process. Receiving the folder with the breakdown sheet of what meals were delivered and how to pair the proteins with the veggies was extremely helpful. I used this to help me keep track of what I wanted to thaw and what I had already consumed. True Fare has exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to many more orders and enjoyable meals.

    I really like the additional trail mix, however, I really do not like shredded coconut. My request would simply be to add an additional option to the trail mix selections.

  24. 10/01/2018

    I decided to try True Fare during my family’s time in tempary housing due to our relocation to a new city. I have four small children and was without my kitchen. I was growing tired of eating out. Choosing to have True Fare deliver meals was the best solution to not having to meal plan, grocery shop , and cook. I got to eat healthy good tasting food without the all the stress. Not only that, but I actually lost weight eating these meals! Now I will always keep a stash in my freezer when times are stressful around the dinner hour.

    The quality and presentation of food is really good!

  25. 10/01/2018

    it was great!

    there was a bit of a plastic after taste

  26. 10/01/2018

    Easy to order - Very clear directions on how to store and prepare the food - and best of all the food is amazing. I always have TruFare in my freezer (and refrigerator)!

  27. 10/01/2018

  28. 09/28/2018

    I would have preferred white breast of chicken in the chicken dishes. the chicken used was too fatty.

  29. 09/27/2018

    Good but hate the plastic baggies.

  30. 09/27/2018

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