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  1. 08/20/2018

    True Fare was so much easier then I even expected! The food was delicious and their AIP Marinara is the BEST store bought marinara I've ever had and it doesn't even have tomatoes in it!

    Please make more AIP and Low FODMAP options :)

  2. 08/20/2018

    Placing the order and communication about the shipment was spot on. It was after the 24 hour after receiving the food deadline that I realized True Fare messed up my order. They sent me Smokey Beef instead of the Herbed Beef that I ordered. A $3 difference in price, so I was over charged and did not get what I ordered. Out of the 8 meals we received, only 1 was flavorful and would be ordered again. 7 out of the 8 meals, we did not care for. They needed more seasoning and/or sauce.

  3. 08/20/2018

    Everything was great, including the menu, but the food - while very interesting and quite good - was just a bit subpar. It was underwhelming in the flavor department.

  4. 08/20/2018

    Food quality was not worth the price. Most of the dishes were very simple and I could have made myself.

    The heating instructions were all wrong. Most of the food came out cold.

  5. 08/17/2018

    Very tasty meals! Even the squash tasted good enough to eat (I've never been a fan of squash). The meats are so delicious!

  6. 08/15/2018

    A good experience...the meat is very tender & lean. I also appreciate that the veg. are not over cooked.

  7. 08/15/2018

    So far so good. Enjoying the food and portion size is right on the mark. I am intending to only use this method for 2 months but the fact that you exist is excellent.

    Just keep doing what your doing

  8. 08/13/2018

    Great service & delicious food. This made following the whole 30 diet easier.

    Nice variety of foods.

  9. 08/13/2018

    I wish there were more potatoes/veggies in the Turkey Skillet.

  10. 08/10/2018

    I very much appreciate Joseph going beyond the extra mile to help make sure my delivery was as needed.

    The burgers don't do so well for me since they have to be cooked, but other than that everything is awesome.

  11. 08/09/2018

  12. 08/06/2018

    Easy and quick but the food is good

    I will be ordering again

  13. 08/06/2018

    The AIP Marinara Sauce is wonderful. So happy you have this product. Ordering is easy. Package came in perfect condition. Thank you.

  14. 08/03/2018

    Thank goodness there’s plenty of variety. The snacks can get a little confusing though only because they’re not already proportioned but that’s very minor.

    Keep the creativity going! Paleo isn’t the easiest way to eat without things getting repetitive.

  15. 08/03/2018

    Would love to see more types of sauces available for purchase.

  16. 08/03/2018

    Much better cooking than my own so I am thrilled to have such wonderful food. This is my first Whole 30 so it really takes the pressure off to do all that cooking. The only trouble I'm having is handling that much meat at breakfast. I've never been a breakfast eater but that isn't a reflection on the quality of the breakfasts. I love how many times you include sweet potatoes - one of my favorites.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for being so professional and helpful.

  17. 08/03/2018

    Hello True Fare! This was my first purchase from this company and I was pleasantly surprised how delicious most of the meals were in the group. I'll definitely be ordering from you again.

    Yes, one thing. I don't enjoy eating spicy foods and one of the dishes was unbearable to eat for me so I'd like Non spicy to be an option when ordering or even if we knew beforehand something would have that spicy hot flavor. Thanks!

  18. 08/02/2018

    This is the second time that I've ordered from True Fare and I love the food! The price and ease of preparation make your meals my first choice when I am travelling for work or holiday. And of course they are tasty! Thank you for your great food and service!

    My first order was in September 2017 right after the hurricane in Florida. I had ordered food from a company based there who were unable to deliver. Your company came through last minute and made sure I had something to eat in time for my arrival for a week long retreat. Thank you!

  19. 08/01/2018

    Most goods are good but some like the home fries are inedible. The meatloaf is excellent and the soup is only good if you add stuff to it. They all taste better not microwaved but really cooked in skillet and then reheated at work.

    The butternut soup is really great

  20. 08/01/2018

    Convenient and quick

  21. 07/30/2018

    it would be very helpful to be able to choose your meals when ordering the bundles (i.e. 20 days etc.).

    Prices a very high. I

  22. 07/30/2018

    Easy. Thank you!

    Nope. Very happy with TF so far.

  23. 07/30/2018

  24. 07/30/2018

    The beef entree are not very tasty and there's a lot of cauliflower and squash in the veggie choices. Your customary service team was fantastic and handled a shipping goof up with grace and generosity.

  25. 07/30/2018

    Ordering is very easy and convenient, but I was surprised that my second box was virtually the exact same as the first. If there's not much variety, I won't continue ordering.

  26. 07/30/2018

    True Fare has delicious food and excellent service. My first Whole 30 meal service came from True Fare and now I’m doing Whole 15 from True Fare...as a repeat customer, my food service plan belongs to True Fare!

    Such prompt service—thanks!

  27. 07/29/2018

    He food packages and menu do not align. For example the package said “peachy pork” while the menu referred to the pork differently. Cooking instructions between packaging and printed material do not align either.

  28. 07/27/2018

    So far so good. I've enjoyed all the meals + pairings. At first when the box came I was underwhelmed with the presentation (I'm used to fresh meal delivery services where everything comes separately packaged in easy to go containers) and felt a smidge overwhelmed with having to defrost, cook and pair but I think I've gotten the hang of it.

  29. 07/27/2018

  30. 07/27/2018

    I never have to worry about running out of things I can eat in the house! It's been a huge time saver. - Hoshimotos, EBV, Lyme, and Fibro

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