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  1. 12 Nov 21

    If there was a score higher than 10 on the form I would have clicked it!! Absolutely flawless, incredibly responsive and a much, much quicker conclusion than I had anticipated, bearing in mind I had several tasks to be carried out remotely on 3No. separate devices. The technician was efficient, knowledgeable and understood my needs and expectations to the highest level, communication throughout was impeccable. Big thank you from the team here!!

  2. 14 Dec 20

    very good, but the nice chap I spoke to had a strong Middlesbrough accent if you send him round we can teach him some Queen's English

  3. 19 Oct 20

    Great service - Priceless advice Many thanks

  4. 01 Oct 20

    Excellent service

  5. 07 May 20

    I met with you to assist me in somewhat of a simple matter, the purchase of a dongle to enable Wi-Fi for my office. There was little work or profit in this work for you, but you wanted to help with the supply of the equipment. It turned into a saga when 4 days in my children overused the data and 2 months later, despite you putting a cap on my account O2 tried to charge £200 and cut off the Wi-Fi to my office until they received payment. You immediately offered to pay half on the bill from O2 as a goodwill gesture until the matter could be sorted out, and then you also said that your team would put in a complaint to O2 on my behalf. Your team took on the giant and I know that Joanne spent a number of hours in communication with O2 on my behalf. She won the battle and O2 gave me a full credit. To me, this demonstrates that you are everything you say you are when you stand up and give your 60 second presentation to the room. You stand up and say that you provide excellent IT support, a first rate customer service and support. You dealt with me in exactly the right way, you showed me immediate support, immediately wanting to do the right thing, and immediately wanting to help put things right. Your actions demonstrate and give you credibility that you fully deserve and makes me confident to refer anyone that I know seeking business IT support to you. For that reason, when all my licenses expire this year, I have diarised and will be transferring all my IT work to you (if you will have me) because I am a pain in the neck as a client! Thank you again. Excellent service, brilliant support. I am very happy and would not hesitate in recommending Rob Rushby and his team at Alphatech IT Solutions to any company.

  6. 28 Jun 19

    Unbelievable service. prompt response and very friendly.

  7. 01 Jun 19


  8. 08 Apr 19

    An amazing team of customer focused technology specialists.

  9. 23 Jan 19

    Always very helpful and easy to deal with. All requests are answered and everyone goes above and beyond to correct a problem or issue. Thank you!

  10. 01 Dec 18

    I cannot recommend Alphatech highly enough, they offer a First Class Professional Service at all times. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

  11. 27 Nov 18

    Excellent, quick responses and kept in contact with us through the process.

  12. 09 Oct 18

    Absolutely fantastic service went over and beyond, a massive thank you Neil

  13. 29 Aug 18

    I wish to express a huge thanks to you and the team at Alphatech for all of your hard work. I needed a new tablet that would allow me to work from anywhere, including taking client instructions at their home addresses. I needed something that was light and small enough to carry, but robust with a big screen and keyboard- I was asking for the impossible right? Wrong. I received a call from you to go through my options, including safe and secure back up and encryption. I felt like you truly understood my business and what I needed and you explained the technology to me in a way that I could understand. Your team then sourced me an amazing Microsoft Surface which fit my requirements perfectly. Although I was excited to receive my new toy, I was dreading the thought of having to transfer emails and documents and install software such as Microsoft Office 365. However, to my amazement, when I collected my tablet it was ready to go with nothing for me to do! Not only that but Neil also installed the backup and encryption software and Microsoft Office onto my mobile phone and desktop computer. I thought this would mean that my computer would be unusable for hours while a barrage of techy minions tirelessly downloaded all of the software. Not with Alphatech! This was all done remotely, and I was contacted throughout to make sure it was being carried out at times that suited me with minimum disruption to my business. Neil even arranged for my daily document backup to be done at a convenient time that would not impact upon my work. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and no question was left unanswered. The service that I received from the Alphatech team was outstanding and I cannot thank you all enough for making the process so simple for me. It was something I had put off for a long time, but I now have complete peace of mind that all of my important documents are safe and secure. I would highly recommend Alphatech to any business looking for hassle free IT services.

  14. 30 Jul 18

    Alphatech has supplied us with IT Support, server, offsite backup, PCs & equipment, software & security for many years. We have just had 2 PCs replaced, all up and running within a morning, and no disruption to the business. Excellent customer service, would highly recommend.

  15. 23 Jul 18

    Neil is an asset to Alphatech was super impressed that he sorted the issue that i had an will be recommending to anyone that i know. thanks your all all starts

  16. 13 Jun 18

    Really pleased and delighted with the service and support provided when sourcing new IT equipment. Claire was highly knowledgeable and understood our business needs, delivering new equipment that will enable our business to grow.

  17. 13 Jun 18

    Fantastic service from beginning to end! I cannot thank Alphatech (particularly Neil) for making the process so easy for me as you took care of everything from sourcing me a new laptop (and setting it up) to encrypting and securing my desktop, phone and laptop. Your team was in touch with me throughout and provided a bespoke service that fits with my particular business needs.

  18. 04 Jun 18

    Very good especially dealing with people like me who would generally be described as clueless - thanks for not making me feel totally useless when it comes to what you may consider the basic stuff.

  19. 04 Jun 18

    Totally professional, efficient and understanding of our needs. I can not recommend Alphatech highly enough. The staff are always on hand to help, nothing is ever too much trouble.. Thank you

  20. 06 Oct 17

    Excellent friendly prompt service.

  21. 04 Oct 17


  22. 29 Sep 17


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  24. 17 Aug 17

    Seriously impressive!! We had an issue, we spoke to some companies who tried to baffle with tech speak or inciting fear with "well, you need this extra services as your whole business could collapse without it!!". There was non of that with Claire and Rob.... straight talking and simple. They asked what I needed our computers to do and they did it!! So impressed we've recommended them to some of our clients already.

  25. 20 Dec 16

    A very easy end to end process with professional and genuine people at a competitive price. What more could I want?

  26. 01 Dec 16

  27. 08 Nov 16

    Jackie was very helpful and had my issue resolved in a few minutes that I couldn't sort in 2 days :-)

  28. 31 Oct 16

    very responsive....

  29. 24 Oct 16

  30. 24 Oct 16

    This felt like a day of momentous meltdown, right at our year end. Although the lady I spoke with initially did not really fully understand the issue we were experiencing with Sage she was quite open about this but keen to receive emailed screenshots in order to seek further guidance. When Rob arrived to assist he was already up to speed with what had happened and was able to guide us through a solution very quickly. I felt fully supported in this course of action and confident that technical assistance would be forthcoming as soon as possible.

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