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  1. 12 Aug 18

    I have recommended you to many of my friends!!

  2. 15 Mar 17

    Prompt delivery and friendly service with tips on how to use the product.

  3. 15 Mar 17

    I am very satisfied with all aspects. The service and product.

  4. 14 Mar 17

    Although not cheap, the quality is excellent. Only reason for low score on delivery, initially only 35 of the 36 bags were delivered, but this was rectified when I called Brian and he brought the missing bag up immediately. Thanks Brian - great customer service, a rare thing these days.

  5. 07 Dec 16

    Great logs. Easy to light and clean to handle. Brian Stephenson operates a 5 star service.

  6. 02 Dec 16


  7. 30 Nov 16

    Driver did not have adequate equipment to move a 1-tonne pallet on uneven ground, but worked hard to overcome the difficulties.

  8. 28 Nov 16

    excellent product - excellent delivery response. wood burner doing a fantastic job. have already recommended to a friend and will do so again.

  9. 28 Nov 16

    Very satisfied. Excellent product, quickly delivered

  10. 28 Nov 16

    Found that the logs burned very quickly I am considering purchasing the broadest.

  11. 28 Nov 16

    Great product and very efficient service have been buying the logs for a couple of years now. They. Ever waver Thanks

  12. 28 Nov 16

    Order completed swiftly and in a totally straightforward manner, despite my remote location.

  13. 14 Dec 13

    There are very few thicker logs in the bags. Thin logs are needed to get the fire going, but then burn quickly. Some much thicker ones would be good to burn the fire for longer while unattended. Service second to none! Maybe price could be shaved a wee bit?

  14. 04 Dec 13

    Very satisfied. Helpful, informative and friendly service. An emergency delivery really helped us out during a cold snap, and an introduction to briquettes has been a revelation.

  15. 02 Dec 13


  16. 02 Dec 13

    1. Excellent, friendly and timely service 2. Consistent high quality product 3. Not as cheap as some alternative fuels - but this is more than balanced by high heat outputs, convenience, cleanliness and ease of storage ( briquettes)

  17. 02 Dec 13

    Quick and efficient delivery service of quality product

  18. 01 Dec 13

    Quality of wood is excellent.

  19. 01 Dec 13

    Ordered full pallet of briquettes and sample pack of birchwood logs and briquettes. Pallet arrived first ( as usual no advance notification of delivery from Oban express). Pallet of briquettes all ok and am pleased with burning quality. Sample pack had to call about and was delivered later. The briquettes are a good product at what is likely a reasonable price these days. Do think that delivery could be improved, as can't understand why they can't be delivered direct from Helensburgh to Dunoon, rather than the roundabout route via Oban.

  20. 01 Dec 13

    Very satisfied with the sevice and the product thank you.

  21. 30 Nov 13

    Excellent service. Delivery driver very helpful.

  22. 30 Nov 13


  23. 30 Nov 13

    Very good product, friendly service and fre delivery. All in all - excellent

  24. 30 Nov 13

    Excellent service and product

  25. 30 Nov 13

    Satisfied overall. However, I wasn't advised until days later that the briquettes were actually not in stock when ordered. The RUF briquettes are quite good though, not the best, not the worst. I've used many various briquettes over the years & find myself probably more satisfied with Verdo than anything else- which by many companies are labelled as being an economy/lesser quality briquette, which I find confusing. All the best

  26. 30 Nov 13

    Brian at Biohot is fantastic; his advice, products and delivery are nothing short of first class. Pick up a bargain, call Brian and stay warm this winter!

  27. 30 Nov 13

    I only gave you a five for value as this is our first delivery and I'm not yet sure how it will compare to our usual supplier. Lovely dry wood though, a treat to stack, handle, and burn which is something I would factor into the price comparison.

  28. 30 Nov 13

    Wood is extremely dry 8% showing on my moisture meter therefore burns well. My only problem was the length of the wood (11.5") I have a small stove and it just wont fit in unless standing at an angle. Having to cut each one before use.

  29. 23 Oct 13

    Very satisfied, thank you!

  30. 21 Oct 13

    Very satisfied. Not the cheapest by any means, but easily our favourite logs.

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