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    19 Jan 22

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    19 Jan 22

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    19 Jan 22

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    19 Jan 22

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    19 Jan 22

  6. 18 Jan 22

    Prompt response to chat and answered my billing question straight away.

  7. 18 Jan 22

    Resolved my issue super quick and without any hassle and unnecessary questions, very impressed, thank you

  8. 17 Jan 22

    Charlie, the customer service agent was extremely helpful and answered my query very quickly

  9. 17 Jan 22

    Friendly and helpful customer services department and engineers. Nothing but positive experiences.

  10. 17 Jan 22

    Really helpful and assisted the bill issue I had. Very prompt responses.

  11. 17 Jan 22

  12. 17 Jan 22

    Gentleman I spoke to was very helpful explained everything clearly

  13. 15 Jan 22

    I had a copy of your magazine “Watertalk” sent to me and as I look after my grandchildren regularly I was interested in the article in the middle of the magazine onChew Valley Lakes, with its nature trails, playgrounds etc. However, there is no map included, so I have no idea where to park, where the picnic areas are or the nature trails. This is surely a major oversight and certainly puts me off visiting. I would be grateful if you could send me a location map, with these facilities marked and would also be interested to hear why you did not think it was necessary to include a map or plan.

  14. 14 Jan 22

  15. 14 Jan 22

  16. 14 Jan 22

    Very helpful and efficient

  17. 14 Jan 22

    Very helpful and quick

  18. 13 Jan 22

    I don’t like the way you treat customers and to send a letter threatening County Court Action over £68.00 when only the day before I received a letter saying I needed to pay £24.12 to catch up is out of order. Customers mean nothing to you, you are only interested in getting your money.

  19. 12 Jan 22

    No problem with you ,I appreciate your methods of your work

  20. 12 Jan 22

    used online chat for the first time, found it very easy and efficient. I liked how your team member Kerri made me feel valued and resolved my enquiry quickly and efficiently

  21. 12 Jan 22

    Melissa was very helpful today in answering all my questions .

  22. 12 Jan 22

    The agent understood exactly my issue, provided a very quick solution and with any luck the faulty item will be replaced ASAP.

  23. 12 Jan 22

    charlie was very informative and was able to off answers to all me questions. very happy with the service i received.

  24. 12 Jan 22

    Charlie was very helpful with my questions on moving property.

  25. 11 Jan 22

    Charlie was very helpful and dealt with everything quickly.

  26. 11 Jan 22

    They responded swiftly and were helpful

  27. 10 Jan 22

    I used the live chat service and managed to get my monthly direct debit payment reduced to a more suitable level in a quick and easy fashion.

  28. 10 Jan 22

    Very helpful

  29. 10 Jan 22

  30. 10 Jan 22

    Good options and good service i particularly like the live chat so much easier