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  1. 16 Sep 21

    Amy was extremely helpful and answered my questions, putting my mind at rest.

  2. 15 Sep 21

    Helpful, polite and personable

  3. 15 Sep 21

  4. 14 Sep 21

    Melissa who helped me just now was amazing! Really great service!

  5. 14 Sep 21

    We’re quick and succinct

  6. 14 Sep 21

    The customer service was really great. Both AnnMarie (online chat) and Colin (telephone) were very polite, professional and helpful. They were kind and compassionate in their manner when dealing with my late mother’s account. I am most grateful to them for responding so quickly and resolving my issue.

  7. 13 Sep 21

    chat function quick and efficient to use. Better than telephone.

  8. 09 Sep 21

  9. 09 Sep 21

    Melissa was very good at hopefully sorting out the problem.

  10. 09 Sep 21

  11. 09 Sep 21

    Answered all questions fully and was generally helpful, Web typing chat is sooo much better than waiting on phone

  12. 08 Sep 21

  13. 08 Sep 21

  14. 08 Sep 21

    Helpful, prompt and friendly. Thank you.

  15. 07 Sep 21

    Quick response and solved my problem! Great team members!

  16. 07 Sep 21

    Very quick efficient responses and very friendly lady.

  17. 07 Sep 21

    Claire was very helpful and efficient. Thank you

  18. 07 Sep 21

  19. 07 Sep 21

    Spoke to Claire on the live chat and we quickly sorted out all needed payments and account cancellations quickly and efficiently. This is probably the only time i have ever come away from a live website chat feeling good and that I've accomplished what I needed to do.

  20. 07 Sep 21

  21. 06 Sep 21

  22. 02 Sep 21

    We had a big scare when a water bill came in that was double what was normal. We had only just moved house. It appeared that there was a leak between the water meter and the house. From the very start Bristol Water were kind and reassuring and kept our direct debit to the usual amount. Due to complications with contractors used by our landlord, the situation took three months to fix. Throughout that time, every so often a man from Bristol Water would visit to see how things were progressing, and again to reassure us. Very kindly Bristol Water did not charge us for the water that had been lost. We also had a number of phone calls from Bristol Water, and again these were very kind and reassuring. I would give Bristol Water ten out of ten for customer relations, with an added ten as bonus. Well done Bristol Water

  23. 02 Sep 21

    Holly was really helpful and made it very easy to make changes to our account and billing

  24. 02 Sep 21

    I was very pleased with Bristol Water. Every person I spoke to in person and on the phone was friendly, helpful and informative. The whole job went smoothly and according to plan, as stated it would in the very helpful leaflet called 'What happens next?' that was put through my door.

  25. 01 Sep 21

  26. 01 Sep 21

    Your online help support is awesome...People are very perfectly resolving the issues. Thanks for the support

  27. 01 Sep 21

  28. 01 Sep 21

    thank you for the help

  29. 01 Sep 21

    It all worked today. zover the last 49 years BW had always been reliable and attentive. THANK YOU.

  30. 01 Sep 21