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  1. 07 Dec 18

  2. 06 Dec 18

  3. 30 Nov 18

    Very friendly, fast communication, excellent accommodation, easy logistics (payment, etc)

  4. 24 Nov 18

  5. 20 Nov 18

    Beyond our expectation. It was great.

  6. 19 Nov 18

    We only booked our condo through you which was well handled.

  7. 16 Nov 18


  8. 15 Nov 18

    everything was great only that there's not internet in the apartment and it was a big problem for me. It is my fault because I didn't ask if there was internet in the apartment but today it's normal to have it, everybody needs it.

  9. 13 Nov 18


  10. 12 Nov 18

    Only confusion was at the point of check in as the booking was in the name of the come to Cape Town two instead of my name.

  11. 31 Oct 18

    Your services were great. However the agent who handed and collected the key at the start and end of our stay made a comment when we were leaving that sticks to me and is now my memory of the apartment. I was with my twin 5 year olds taking a last stroll outside waiting for the agent to collect the key. When she arrived, I offered to go upstairs with her for her to check the place out if she needed but she said " you not taking our tv" or anything away are you which of course I said no but it did not even sound like a joke. It left a bad taste with me after spending such a high amount of accommodation, why on earth would I steal a tv. I am an attorney by profession and not a career thief. This is my memory now of our accommodation.

  12. 24 Oct 18

    The overall performance is satisfactory and we enjoyed our wonderful stay at seaside.

  13. 13 Oct 18

    Lauren you said, Clifton Sky is one of your favorites. We now understand and fully agree. The stay there was simply perfect. A big big special thank to the loveable housekeepers Cathy and Edward!

  14. 09 Oct 18

  15. 05 Oct 18

  16. 04 Oct 18

    Very good

  17. 26 Sep 18

    Friendly and helpful staff from booking right up to checking in. I would definitely recommend come to cape Town to anyone. I'll definitely book through them in the near future. Thank you so much Natalie for the excellent service.

  18. 18 Sep 18

  19. 13 Sep 18

    Service was great from start to finish. Helpful and friendly staff who were always willing to help and the house we rented was phenomenal.

  20. 31 Aug 18

    Excellent and wow

  21. 17 Aug 18


  22. 10 Aug 18

    Friendly helpfully 1 of my best👌👌 especially Lauren Antonio Marilyn ummmmm if it wasn't of you guys we wouldn't had have a great good time holiday we had. Thank u thank u😚😚😚.Am definitely coming back again

  23. 01 Aug 18


  24. 01 Aug 18

    וילה מפנקת גדולה מאד, נקייה ומרוהטת . מדהים. מנקה מקסימה מגיעה כל יום נהנינו מאד

  25. 25 Jul 18

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  27. 26 Jun 18

  28. 12 Jun 18

    Readily available, friendly and genuinely willing to help in any way.

  29. 31 May 18

    The confirmation letters has lots of mistakes And I have to check lots of things by myself I would rather take uber than use your airport transfer again.

  30. 29 May 18

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