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  1. 02 Sep 20

  2. 02 Sep 20

    Really good practice I would highly recommend.

  3. 18 Aug 20

    it would be useful to have a follow up email detailing both the diagnosis and treatment as It is a lot of information to absorb within one hour session

  4. 17 Aug 20

  5. 17 Aug 20

  6. 17 Aug 20

  7. 20 Jul 20

  8. 16 Jul 20

    We were very impressed from day one. The only thing perhaps we would like even more of is an explicit mention of the muscles working in the videos. We have this in some and not as much in others and when my girl is in a "can't/don't feel anything" day the explicit mention is very helpful. But we are 100% happy with Luke and also Victoria's quick and always helpful support.

  9. 14 Jul 20

  10. 14 Jul 20

  11. 14 Jul 20

  12. 14 Jul 20

    I appreciate how attentive Kevin was during the whole process and how he took the time to check up on my progress. Although my appointments were via webcame, i’ve seen such an improvement in my ankle and knee - so i cant imagine what it would have been like to have all the appointments in person!

  13. 14 Jul 20

  14. 14 Jul 20

  15. 16 Mar 20

  16. 11 Mar 20

    Good service and the comms were good

  17. 10 Mar 20

  18. 10 Mar 20

  19. 19 Feb 20

    Your office was hard to find as a first timer. While your directions in the email were given I missed that and just went straight to address. You need to push for more signage.

  20. 19 Feb 20

    Written follow ups (via email) with the exercises given are very helpful as it’s often easy to forget the nuances of each of the instructions from the session.

  21. 18 Feb 20

    The physio that I saw was extremely helpful, he diagnosed and created a treatment plan for the issue that was bothering me within half an hour that was very effective. Would definitely recommend!

  22. 18 Feb 20

  23. 18 Feb 20

    My only criticism is the cost but that isn't something you are able to control in Central London! Other than that, thank you very much Anne.

  24. 05 Feb 20

  25. 04 Feb 20

    Anthony Vidis - excellent; straight-forward, knows his stuff and cares.

  26. 03 Feb 20

  27. 03 Feb 20

  28. 03 Feb 20

  29. 03 Feb 20

    I have seen a lot of physios in my life and and Kevin Kong is one of the best! Recommended!

  30. 28 Jan 20

    My treatment is not completed but so far the results are excellent. Advise for exercises at home are thorough and easy to replicate

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