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  1. 06 Feb 23

  2. 03 Feb 23

    Absolutely thrilled with the care I've had from Luke over the past few weeks - not only has he helped get me back to full strength but is also delivering an exercise plan to make sure I can avoid suffering this type of injury again.

  3. 02 Feb 23

    My experience has been magnificent. I went to the clinic with multiple hip injuries following a bike accident, I had attempted to rehab myself for 4 months but had plateaued and was nowhere near where I wanted to be. I felt disheartened about my prognosis. I have now been seeing Winston for 6 weeks and know if I hadn't had this extra help and guidance, I would not be where I am today. Winston has helped me focus my exercises and alter my lifestyle to reduce my pain, since starting with him I have noticed a great improvement. I regret not starting my rehabilitation with him earlier on in my recovery. The staff on the front desk are always friendly and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this practice.

  4. 02 Feb 23

    Anthony Vidis was very professional and aimed to get my knee sorted with minimum visits. I only needed 2 visits and his home exercise plan did the rest. Thank you

  5. 02 Feb 23

    Very pleased with the treatment and advice from Anthony. Many thanks.

  6. 16 Dec 22

  7. 16 Dec 22

    I came out from the session far worse than I went in.

  8. 16 Dec 22

  9. 11 Oct 22

  10. 07 Oct 22

  11. 07 Oct 22

    I was very satisfied and extremely happy with everything and the only reason that I haven't given you 10 out of 10 is that I believe that nothing in life is 100% perfect.

  12. 07 Oct 22

  13. 07 Oct 22

    Anthony was fantastic, gave me clear well explained, thoughtful instructions and a demonstrable pathway to recovery. Also a super amiable chap.

  14. 07 Oct 22

  15. 16 Aug 22

  16. 10 Aug 22

  17. 10 Aug 22

  18. 05 Jul 22

    It was excellent

  19. 04 Jul 22

    Anthony was brilliant, he reassured me that I would be able to improve my condition, and proved it with his work in the sessions and subsequent treatment plan.

  20. 04 Jul 22

  21. 04 Jul 22

  22. 04 Jul 22

    Excellent customer experience and service outstanding.

  23. 04 Jul 22

    Everything about my experience with Covent Garden Physio has been brilliant. My physio, Kevin, got straight to the root of a problem that I’ve been dealing with for over 2 years and finally I have a plan that is improving things. He is also really approachable and friendly and immediately puts you at ease when you meet him. I have to also mention the reception staff who are always welcoming, really friendly and make everything around insurance/appointments straightforward and easy.

  24. 20 Jun 22

  25. 16 May 22

  26. 16 May 22

  27. 16 May 22

  28. 14 Apr 22

    Had a painful back, arranged an appointment for the following day, got treated, got better, had a follow-up to ensure all was well. A perfect service.

  29. 11 Apr 22

  30. 08 Apr 22

    Great service, informal and friendly. Would definitely recommend.

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