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  1. 02 Aug 19

    I asked Kevin to perform a miracle & rid me of my back pain before a long flight home to Australia the next day & he did just that. Thank you, mate.

  2. 02 Aug 19

    Luke appears to have sorted by issue in just one visit by spotting an asymmetry I didn’t realise was occurring in my running.

  3. 02 Aug 19

    Only constructive feedback is that the place can be hard to find. I’m a person who reads my emails, but I can easily understand why someone could miss it so maybe even more emphasis on that fact.

  4. 02 Aug 19

  5. 02 Aug 19

    100% positive experience, been having problems with my shoulder and arm and this has been improved massively because of the great treatment I've received. Would highly recommend.

  6. 17 Jul 19

  7. 17 Jul 19

  8. 16 Jul 19

    highly recommend Kevin

  9. 16 Jul 19

    Very friendly environment- reception staff are quick to attend to each patient in a friendly and welcoming manner. Physio has been great, great advice, plan and follow up exercise communication

  10. 03 Jul 19

    Excellent service. The exercises given meant my back problem was fixed in a couple of days and I only needed one visit

  11. 03 Jul 19

  12. 02 Jul 19

  13. 02 Jul 19

  14. 02 Jul 19

    Great treatment, great advice for continuous improvement.

  15. 02 Jul 19

    Scott is a miracle worker.

  16. 02 Jul 19

    it was difficult to find and no one was on reception to help, ended up getting locked in the stairway but these things are uncontrollable to the physio - after getting in everything was sound

  17. 02 Jul 19


  18. 17 Jun 19

  19. 16 Jun 19

  20. 15 Jun 19

    You are left with confidence that you are in safe hands, that your problem has been diagnosed correctly and that the treatment you receive is effective.

  21. 10 Jun 19

  22. 04 Jun 19

    Anthony is great... quickly put me at my ease... was refreshingly direct and informative... made sure I understood the instructions he gave me, as well as explaining the underlying mechanics. And once I was feeling better he was very direct that I should stop coming - no attempt at hard sell or anything like that.

  23. 04 Jun 19

  24. 04 Jun 19

    Scott was great - I went to him with a running injury and he solved the problem in time for me to run my first marathon. Very personable, knowledgeable and helpful... highly recommended!

  25. 03 Jun 19

  26. 03 Jun 19

  27. 03 Jun 19

  28. 03 Jun 19

    Kevin was super professional and knowledgable

  29. 03 Jun 19

  30. 03 Jun 19

    Only had one visit so far - the discomfort i have had in my knee for 4 moths has gone on the one visit. Can’t thank Kevin enough already😀

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