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  1. 21 Feb 24

  2. 13 Feb 24

  3. 12 Feb 24

  4. 12 Feb 24

    Shane is a fantastic physio with an contagious smile and a positive attitude even when the patient has not done his exercices

  5. 12 Feb 24

  6. 12 Feb 24

  7. 12 Feb 24

    I have really enjoyed attending Covent Garden Physio. Everyone I have come across has been lovely and gone out of their way to be helpful. I have particularly enjoyed my sessions with Jonathan, who is very personable and has gone out of his way to research a treatment plan for my rehab from a rare shoulder surgery. I am progressing ahead of schedule, and would recommend Jonathan and Covent Garden Physio to anyone looking for a similar service!

  8. 12 Feb 24

  9. 12 Feb 24

  10. 07 Jan 24

    I was really happy with my treatment. I got a lot of knowledge how to prevent the backpain again. I would highly recommend the Covent Garden Physio

  11. 21 Nov 23

  12. 11 Nov 23

    Kevin’s magical ability to diagnose conditions is far better than you get from MRIs and Consultants. Once he completed his assessments and run a brain algorithm, he then provided me with workable yet effective exercises. Kevin made a difference to my two years of pain in a week. He also has the sharpest elbows in the business which taught my uncompliant muscles to stop their nonsense. Kevin is the best physio and diagnostic expert I have come across.

  13. 10 Nov 23

  14. 10 Nov 23

    Excellent practice. Kevin is super.

  15. 10 Nov 23

  16. 10 Nov 23

  17. 21 Oct 23

    Working with Kevin over the last few months has really made a world of difference to the pain I was experiencing. Within my first session, I already felt the positive impact of his expertise. I would highly recommend working with Kevin!

  18. 14 Sep 23

  19. 12 Sep 23

  20. 12 Sep 23

  21. 12 Sep 23

    Friendly lady on check in, not difficult to get an appointment that works for you. Physio really good, helpful and efficient. Have already recommended to other people.

  22. 11 Sep 23

    New location is super lovely and your team are always so friendly.

  23. 11 Sep 23

  24. 11 Sep 23

    Amazing support during and after treatment, with detailed explanations for what's happening to you.

  25. 11 Sep 23

    I don’t normally do reviews,I can recommend this company.I was seen promptly.And my treatment,/service excellent.I would recommend to my friends.

  26. 11 Sep 23

    Everyone was very professional and highly competent in their diagnosis of my muscular skeletal issues.

  27. 11 Sep 23

  28. 11 Sep 23

    Best physio practice ever! I'm a GP, and had hip pains for about a year. Saw Luke who identified the issue in one consultation, and the exercises prescribed fixed the problem. The whole practice set up is efficient and friendly. Have already recommended this clinic to my partner who is currently undergoing a treatment plan that is already helping a lot. As I said, best physio practice ever!

  29. 11 Sep 23

    Anthony was informative and reassuring. His ethos was to prescribe me with the necessary exercises to get myself better (which is working), rather than call me back time after time for a hands on approach. I thought this to be an honest approach that was more about a service to benefit me rather than him. Money well spent. I highly recommend.

  30. 11 Sep 23

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