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  1. 09 Jan 21

    Very grateful for such efficient service in what would be a minefield otherwise!

    Very easy to deal with, very responsive to queries and always on time.

  2. 04 Jan 21

  3. 04 Jan 21

  4. 07 Dec 20

    In addition to dealing with our accounts Damion has been part of the Senior Management Team at Vitality360 since the company was founded 9 years ago. His vision, support and encouragement has been an essential part of our growth and development during this time. Over the last 18 months I have also had monthly business coaching sessions with Damion which helps me keep on track with our goals and aspirations. He always listens carefully, reflects on both achievements and issues then gently challenges me to set measurable actions which will be of optimal benefit to myself and Vitality360.

  5. 07 Dec 20

    Nothing so far :)

  6. 04 Dec 20

  7. 04 Sep 20

  8. 04 Jul 20

  9. 04 Jul 20

  10. 04 Jun 20


    Helpful, intelligent advice - what more could you ask from an accountancy firm?

  11. 04 Jun 20

  12. 04 Jun 20

    Working with Crunchers is the best thing we could have done for our businesses.

  13. 04 Jun 20

    Thank you for your understanding and clear guidance in these difficult times. The compassion and humanity of your response has been invaluable to myself the company.

    Crunchers provide an excellent service. Thoughtful, efficient and human. I can’t recommend them too highly.

  14. 01 Jun 20

    No real complaints so far at all

    I will definitely write a review of your services from a small business perspective and my own experience.

  15. 26 May 20

    Other 2 questions not tested yet but all great so far and really looking forward to working together

  16. 04 May 20


    We don't have high enough words of praise for you! You've transformed our business, listened compassionately when we've struggled, and cheered on our successes. All the while making our systems efficient and our business lean and strong. What more could you possibly ask of your accountant?

  17. 04 May 20

  18. 18 Apr 20

    Damion has always been available for consultation and regular meetings. He has gone out of his way to recommend solutions to our dilemmas which proved very successful. Although he has a small team working with him they work fast and efficiently in processing our book keeping. We are very pleased with the move we made from a large well known organisation of accountants to Crunchers. Dianne Levene, Co-director of Relational Spaces Ltd

  19. 04 Apr 20


    Look no further if you need an accountant who is interested in helping you grow your business and is extremely good at listening and understanding.

  20. 04 Apr 20

    I’ve referred you to several business contacts. #morethanabeancounter

  21. 05 Mar 20

  22. 04 Feb 20

    Fantastically thorough and helpful, highly recommend

  23. 04 Feb 20

  24. 06 Jan 20

    I suppose the only thing I'd say is that I seem to have been 'introduced' to quite a few people over the last couple of years and sometimes I am not sure who I should go to with a query. Damion is obviously a constant, and Jo also, but I'm less clear about the others and their roles sometimes. I don't want to bother Damion with the 'small stuff' but still only really feel I have a 'relationship' with him! (Not that that's a problem!) [And there's a little note below this field which says that the answer will be shown live on your website - I am assuming not...?]

    As a very small business, I value the Crunchers Service. The 'basics' are sorted out in a clear and unfussy way, and the 'business development' aspect is thoughtful and useful. I never feel like I have to worry about this aspect of my business and that is worth a lot.

  25. 04 Jan 20

    What a relief it has been to find Crunchers. My biggest challenge in running a business as a sole trader had been the administration of its finances, now it runs like clockwork and is completely stress-free. Damion has also been really helpful in showing me new perspectives from which to see my business structure.

  26. 26 Nov 19

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  28. 04 Nov 19

    Working with Damion at Crunchers has brought a new clarity to our thinking about our business. We have seen a consequent improvement in our numbers which is, of course, great AND have the reassurance that we are being well looked after and all is in order.

  29. 16 Oct 19

    Tis awfully refreshing to deal with an outfit that really care about ones business!!!

  30. 06 Sep 19

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