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  1. 29 Jun 19

  2. 04 Apr 19

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  4. 04 Feb 19

  5. 04 Feb 19

  6. 04 Feb 19

    Happy with the service, but I would like to see more of an appreciation that this client is a novice when it comes to tax, and therefore would like to have communications in simpler language. There was also an unexpected additional amount of tax to pay that I was not warned about, and which required me to find a large sum over and above what I was expecting to pay. I would have wanted to have been warned of this.

  7. 22 Jan 19

  8. 12 Dec 18

    The main reason for my contentment with the service that Crunchers provides is their out and out concern for the health of ones business at the heart of all their goings on.

  9. 04 Dec 18

    Efficient and friendly, a pleasure to work with.

  10. 26 Nov 18


    Excellent preparation work followed by speedy and accurate representation of my affairs. No complaints or suggestions for improvement whatsoever.

  11. 05 Nov 18

    we feel very confident in Crunchers and Damion and team are very approachable and very helpful.

  12. 04 Nov 18

    Crunchers accountants have helped get our business on track and moving forward effectively.

  13. 01 Nov 18

    too early

    too early, please prompt me again in a few months I'd be happy to

  14. 05 Sep 18

  15. 04 Sep 18

    I really can’t recommend Damion and his team highly enough. The service they offer goes well beyond traditional accountancy. Damion brings a wealth of business acumen to the table and has become an extension of our strategic team, helping us improve our numbers in an honest, ethical and sustainable way. We count ourselves very lucky to have Crunchers as our partner.

  16. 04 Jun 18

  17. 08 May 18

    Damion and Crunchers have been absolutely invaluable to our business. We couldn't recommend them highly enough!

  18. 04 May 18

    Crunchers is fantastic at introducing clients to new and relevant software packages and systems: Xero, Directli, People's Pension and so on. I think that as the number of these third party, bolt-on, systems increases, there's a need to increase the associated training. I suspect that more pro-active training would reduce the time spent hand-holding and fire fighting.

  19. 05 Feb 18

    Since moving my accounting over to Damion at Crunchers, things have become a lot more streamlined and easier for me in terms of book keeping and getting things done on time which i personally am useless at! Coupled up with this Damion gives great business advice too - he is passionate about your success just as much as you are and it really is good advice! It has helped things run and flow better and the advice has benefitted many areas of my company from staff issues to getting new business and keeping it ... I would most definitely recommend Crunchers to anyone who is looking for a helpful and knowledgeable accountant with a more modern day approach, he has a way of making number seem less boring!

  20. 05 Feb 18

  21. 05 Feb 18

  22. 06 Nov 17

    I sometimes feel that it is a long gap in between the annual review meetings, so maybe a second meeting per year?

    In the past I have had some bad experiences with accountants so very much appreciate Crunchers professionalism, efficiency and general commitment to the health of my business, something missing from most other business services, scarily.

  23. 06 Nov 17

  24. 21 Oct 17

  25. 18 Oct 17

    Very satisfied so far

    To date, Damion has been extremely helpful, professional and thorough in his support and advice. He has shown great patience in helping me sort out my financial issues in a safe and respectful way.

  26. 01 Oct 17

  27. 08 Sep 17

    Both Damion and Jo are a pleasure to deal with. Extremely professional, offering sound advice. They instil confidence.

  28. 04 Aug 17

    Everything is working perfect by crunchers.

    Crunchers have taken care of our accounts for over 5 years and have been perfect every year no actually have got better every year and we thank them for this. We would highly recommend Crunchers to anyone who is looking for an accountant with a difference. Thank you again Crunchers.

  29. 27 Jul 17

    The crunchers service is reassuringly dependable/reliable, a constant in the sometimes turbulent ocean that is running ones own business.

  30. 06 Jul 17

    Crunchers have been brilliant since day one. Clear, concise and patient they have made the running of my business a lot less stressful.

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