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  1. 17 Nov 17

    Very engaging, good mix of discussion and activity

  2. 07 Nov 17

  3. 07 Nov 17

  4. 07 Nov 17

    Sales techniques are not something I have done before so it pushed me out of my comfort zone. This training made me realise if I practice some of those techniques it could help me initiate and build relationships

  5. 06 Nov 17

    it was great to learn a few more tolls that i can really see benefiting me and my approach

  6. 06 Nov 17

    The energy that Luke brought to the session was great and sharing his knowledge about qualifying prospects helped my identify what I need to do more of in my role.

  7. 30 Oct 17

    I liked the idea generation aspect for company pitch.

  8. 16 Oct 17

    Good to work with colleagues and share experiences

  9. 08 Sep 17

  10. 08 Sep 17

    It was a great introduction to the course and the material

  11. 07 Sep 17

    Interaction between participants

  12. 01 Sep 17

    Building the message map to create an overview of what Perfect Image provides.

  13. 01 Sep 17

    training on killer questions was very useful

  14. 01 Sep 17

    It was very interactive and casual, so people felt more comfortable to speak up

  15. 18 Aug 17

    The manic 35 is a great tool. It allows progress of leads and the success of them qualification process to be consistently measured, assessed and improved.

  16. 17 Aug 17

    Being able to put the theory into practice during the session and leaving with something tangible we can start using straight away.

  17. 17 Aug 17

    The second day was the best because we actively attempted some of the topics covered during the training.

  18. 11 Aug 17

    It helped us to revisit some of the themes & tools we had started to use in the first set of sessions.

  19. 05 Jul 17

    Qualifying and killer questions.

  20. 05 Jul 17

    Magic 35 qualification questions

  21. 03 Jul 17

    It was really helpful as a group to create an email structure, call structure and an elevated pitch. Luke could have easily just given us a structure to follow but instead we had to work together and think about what our mission statement is and how we (Netex) want to be portrayed when approaching prospects. Really liked the magic 35 as it's obvious but so easily overlooked and incredibly easy to implement into our everyday sales process.

  22. 30 Jun 17

    Magic 35, group discussions,

  23. 23 Jun 17

  24. 22 Jun 17

    I really enjoyed the meeting role play, it gave a good insight into how other people deliver and prepare there meetings.

  25. 21 Jun 17

    Closing strategies, sales email templates, question based selling and 'magic 35'.

  26. 21 Jun 17

  27. 21 Jun 17

    techniques for personal development

  28. 19 Jun 17

  29. 15 Jun 17

    Looking at new selling techniques and, in particular honing email writing skills.

  30. 13 Jun 17

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