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  1. 03 Dec 18

    It would have been really useful to do more of the practical examples.

  2. 29 Nov 18

    The section covering closed versus open questions and then the role-playing scenarios to test such conversations were extremely useful.

  3. 27 Nov 18

    The Director's cut exercise, as it helped me to really think about what questions I should be asking to find out their challenges and how the product can help, rather than speaking about features of the product that wouldn't necessarily be relevant to the customer.

  4. 27 Nov 18

    Fresh ideas, positive message, enthusiastic delivery

  5. 22 Nov 18

    Identifying behaviour patterns and what each thinks of each other.

  6. 22 Nov 18

    Understanding the various personality traits.

  7. 22 Nov 18

    Personality Dynamics- Understanding the differing personalities within the team.

  8. 22 Nov 18

  9. 25 Jul 18

    Preference profiling

  10. 03 Jul 18

  11. 22 Jun 18

    prefer workshop style where attendees share practice and approaches, not just spoken at, so everywhere that occurred is what I enjoyed the most!

  12. 18 Jun 18

  13. 18 Jun 18

  14. 13 Jun 18

    I thought it would have been really useful as a partnership manager but not completely within my role, There were some valuable bits, but I think for the Business Development Role these could be extracted and condensed and delivered via e-learning or a toolbox video/ information booklet. Which considering the cost of travel and TOIL accrued by our whole team staying overnight would be much more commercial.

  15. 23 May 18

    Style and pace, mix of detail and overview. Not easy in just one day.

  16. 18 May 18

    It was very positive and interesting.

  17. 10 May 18

    Interaction with the whole team.

  18. 09 May 18

    was fun environment with good topics

  19. 08 May 18

    Opportunity to come together and learn / discuss as a CST making the content delivered relevant to our specific client and circumstances

  20. 08 May 18

    A great opportunity to be together as a sales team to learn, develop and share skills, but I thought it could have been tailored better.

  21. 08 May 18

    Sharing new techniques- very informal and fun. I am adopt the approach to the Persona homes but not on our shared ownership product - different questioning techniques which I will try. Creating your own customer with little aids was fun.

  22. 03 May 18

    Just the right length

  23. 03 May 18

    Time out of the office with the team to think about things and discuss processes. Practical tools and mantras

  24. 02 May 18

    The opportunity to get people thinking about the sales lifecycle and adopt common terminology.

  25. 02 May 18

    The openness, collaboration, and light-touch facilitation

  26. 27 Apr 18

    Fun, engaging trainers. Some of the communication exercises were particularly helpful.

  27. 27 Apr 18

    Fun, interactive and felt sympathetic to the ThoughtWorks way

  28. 18 Apr 18

  29. 18 Apr 18

    Due to my job roll I did not take part in all sessions but what I did take part in was interesting and made me think about my role more within the sales team

  30. 18 Apr 18

    I enjoyed learning about new ways to approach prospecting emails and the Magic 35 criteria to measure potential client sales progress and ensure i'm well equiped with all the information I need.

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