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  1. 21 Feb 18

    I enjoyed the overall structure of the day. Solid breakdown of topics whilst ensuring all stages of sales learning were covered.

  2. 21 Feb 18

    Message mapping

  3. 21 Feb 18

    Open pitches- what questions to ask, how to elevator pitch

  4. 21 Feb 18

    Elevator pitches in the group activity

  5. 19 Feb 18

  6. 12 Feb 18

    Interactive and open

  7. 06 Feb 18

    hearing peoples experiences good and bad

  8. 29 Jan 18

    Delivery, everybody got involved and the hand outs were very useful.

  9. 23 Jan 18

    The overall understanding of what we needed a business meant that the delivery was spot on. Luke's energy and enthusiasm ensured everyone was engaged, and the Magic 35 toolkit is proving to be very useful in helping us think our opportunities through, and will significantly improve effecitveness

  10. 16 Jan 18

    The interactive activities. I also found the content to relate well to my role even though I am not in a typical sales role.

  11. 15 Jan 18

    I thoroughly enjoyed Luke's approach, enthusiasm, and ability to ask engaging questions to get prospects talking about their business and the challenges they're facing. I've been in sales a long time, but seeing a seasoned professional like Luke who has truly mastered his craft reminds me I have much to learn.

  12. 15 Jan 18

    I have had previous sales training but Luke's approach was refreshing and easy to follow. I have already used the open ended questioning techniques he taught me and was able to convert a lead on my first call using these.

  13. 15 Jan 18

    The engagement and knowledge shared by Luke.

  14. 15 Jan 18

    "Killer questions" and the closing techniques. It's interesting being able to apply this to existing customers.

  15. 15 Jan 18

    Different questioning techniques

  16. 15 Jan 18

    Just new to Hougthon Internatioal sales team.The whole programme has given me a better understanding of sales

  17. 15 Jan 18

    the training was very specific and covered all areas that I was looking to gain more knowledge. it was presented very well and examples made sense that I can apply to my future development in sales.

  18. 15 Jan 18

    The interactions and tasks that were set throughout the day made sure you were not just sitting and listening to someone all day and helped you to remain engaged. The exercises made you think and challenge yourself which is very important.

  19. 21 Dec 17

    Felt a bit like therapy

  20. 21 Dec 17

    It provided the opportunity to spend some time away to self-reflect on my current time management style and techniques and support my progress and development in the future.

  21. 19 Dec 17

    Well delivered. Excellent trainer. Good pace and involvement of all participants.

  22. 15 Dec 17

    15 min "Friendly consultation" activities.

  23. 15 Dec 17

    The information that was presented was useful

  24. 15 Dec 17

    Learning about different personalities and traits. Techniques to deal with pressure - getting back into the feel good zone - breathing techniques. Recommended books - I'm planning on purchasing the Stephen Covey book to listen to in the car, when I'm travelling. 15 minute consultancy exercises - can solve problems very quickly by involving others. The prioritisation matrix will help me to think and prioritises my tasks more accurately. Thank you very much Alison. I really enjoyed it!

  25. 15 Dec 17

  26. 04 Dec 17

  27. 01 Dec 17

    Alison was brilliant. Loved the audience interaction, especially when we all went to our respective personality types. Ace!!

  28. 01 Dec 17

    I enjoyed the whole of the programme, it was very insightive.

  29. 01 Dec 17

    Interaction with groups / colleagues. In the sales training there are both BDM's and AD's who have totally different job roles so my suggestion would be to split the training based on role.

  30. 21 Nov 17

    I enjoyed learning about the different sales techniques and strategies when approaching potential leads.

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