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  1. 24 Jun 17

    I literally can't think of a single improvement , and please tell mr bhambra the tooth bleaching worked first time it's now my best tooth.

  2. 15 Jun 17

    Excellent,staff always helpful and friendly. Any questions always answered. Thanks.

    No,very happy with things as they are.

  3. 30 May 17

    Great as usual

    Nothing that springs to mind,maybe a flatscreen TV

  4. 27 May 17

    I attended the practice to improve my smile, i had visited quite a few practices in regards to braces over the years Last being ewan bramleys practice, i decided to stick with ewan as first of all they were cheapest and second of all i felt i was going to get the best outcome after my first consultation, im a busy mum of 4 so decided to go with fixed braces as removable braces just wasnt suitable and i knew i wudnt stick to keeping them in and then after my treatment wud be fixed lifetime retainers, i was happy with my treatment it did take a little longer than i was advised but it was going well, i had my braces removed and was happy with the results but then was given removable retainers as i was advised fixed retainers wud cum off with me still having an overbite so i gave them a go, i visited chris for a few appointments afterwards to see how i was getting on with the retainers i advised chris they wernt practical for me as i was getting horrendous dreams off them and they were uncomfortable and true to my word i didnt wear them this continued for a few month trying new retainers non of which were comfortable and i just simply didnt wear them so ive now had no support on my teeth for over a year and my teeth have all moved back so i feel so let down and as though ive wasted my money as im back to where i started hence my reasoning behind me not recomending the practice.

  5. 23 May 17

    I would've marked higher but there wasn't an option to! I can't recommend Ewan Bramley Dental Care enough, I recently had (to me) a life changing procedure, the whole team at Ewan Bramley were amazing from my first consultation right up to the day of my 'operation' and even beyond that, I have had so much support from the whole team, they are just incredible!

  6. 12 May 17

    First class service always - I recently had a dental implant and I am so impressed with the painless treatment administered by Russell. The tooth is like a real tooth and I wouldn't hesitate in having another one done! Lisa has also helped me manage having my teeth descaled and polished without pain and this was always a painful thing for me in the past that I dreaded due to tooth sensitivity - Great practice and I highly recommend it to anyone

    no improvement needed - excellent

  7. 12 May 17

    Excellent , polite and very knowledgable.

  8. 12 May 17

    Lisa was excellent, Friendly,professional and thorough.👍

    No all good👍

  9. 11 May 17

    Just excellent customer service & most of all end result

  10. 11 May 17

    Excellent as always

  11. 10 May 17

    The staff were unbelievably helpful, booked an appointment with ease, sent reminders for the appointment, the dentist listened to what I wanted and came up with a plan of treatment and explained everything.

  12. 10 May 17

    Very professional, felt my treatment with Elaine first class and top quality, this is only the third time I have been to a hygienist, my previous practice did not offer this service and it has made a big difference to my mouths health, I told all my work friends about my experience they have all had there's done now they have all been impressed with thire treatment.

  13. 08 May 17

    Just couldn't hope for more attentive or friendlier treatment. Great hygienist, Elaine. Thank you.

  14. 03 May 17

    First class - good service from Lisa

    Nothing to improve

  15. 29 Apr 17

    Absolutely brilliant couldn't ask for a nicer team :)

    I have no questions but would like to say I am very happy with your practise yous have all made me feel welcome and at home and thanks for the coffees :)

  16. 04 Apr 17

    My problem was a broken capped tooth below the gum line. The previously repaired tooth had lasted for over 15 years before breaking, but now needed some treatment. My regular NHS dentist could only recommend extraction and a plate with a single tooth to replace the missing tooth; proving that NHS dentistry has not advanced at all since its inception and is still using archaic methods of treatment. What else could I do as I didn’t want a plate from the early part of the 20th century in my mouth after witnessing the problems my parents had with false teeth throughout their lives? I decided to look at dental implants. After reading many advertisements on the web for dental implants I chose three surgeries offering implants for around £1,000 as this was the maximum I could afford. After assessments each surgery told me that dental implants were £2,000 and one even denied they had printed such an advert (even when I showed them the advert on the Internet). Searching again I found a private (non NHS) dentist based in North Shields run by a Mr Ewan Bramley and decided to try there. The surgery is based in an old building that has been fully refurbished inside and is full of the most up to date dental equipment that I have ever seen. Upon meeting Mr Bramley I found him to be very pleasant person who put me at ease by his advanced knowledge of dental techniques immediately. He explained why an implant at the place I needed it would require a bone graft to strengthen the implant and that would cost £2,000 – something that all of the other three dentists I tried failed to do, but also suggested another procedure for less than half the price. The procedure involved a root canal and drilling and fixing a post into the remaining tooth and root, then placing a cap on the post. As this was under the limit of my budget I decided to opt for this treatment that our NHS dentists would not even attempt. Following the assessment and my acceptance of the treatment Mr Bramley then organised a zero percent APR loan to help distribute the cost. To many people the course of treatment (root canal) may sound horrendous but it isn’t under Mr Bramley. The initial part of the treatment involved rubbing a gel on my gum with a not unpleasant taste that froze my gum slightly before the anaesthetic injection and because of Mr Bramley’s slow injection technique I hardly felt any pain during the process. Next came the root canal, but because Mr Bramley waited until the anaesthetic fully took effect this was even less painful than the injection. All I felt was the vibration of the drill. The procedure is complete now and my broken tooth looks exactly the same as the original and should last many years (at 66 years old hopefully the rest of my life). I cannot recommend Ewan Bramley dental practise strongly enough as it is the best experience I have ever had in dentistry in all of my 66 years. I feel that NHS dentists should attend his practise to learn modern dental techniques and finally move from the dark ages into the 21st century. Stephen W Hardy BSc (Hons,) MSc, PG Dip, C Phys, C Sci.

  17. 01 Apr 17

    I can't recommend this practice enough! All staff are so friendly while remaining professional. Everything is explained from the outset and you're never made to feel like you're taking too much of anyone's time. In the past having my teeth cleaned was so painful but Elaine was amazing and did an excellent job with no pain or discomfort.

  18. 29 Mar 17

    Time is taken to explain procedures. I get the best clean ever here because they have time to spend on me, there's no rush and the most modern equipment is available.

  19. 23 Mar 17

  20. 21 Mar 17

    I am absolutely over the moon with my appointments at Ewan Bramley. Rup the dentist has come up with some amazing ways to improve my smile and so excited about the work ahead on my teeth. I've never been so excited to come to the dentist until I found Ewan Bramley Dental Care! Thank you for making me smile.

    Rup is incredible and I'm over the moon with how he is going to transform my smile. I couldn't be happier!

  21. 21 Mar 17

    Very very good. Especially hygienist.

  22. 21 Mar 17

    I am a very nervous patient the team at Ewan Bramley were very understanding putting me at ease at every stage of my treatment. My only regret is I didn't come in sooner! I would highly recommend Ewan Bramley to anyone who is unhappy or self conscious with their teeth or smile.

  23. 21 Mar 17

    I was recommended Ewan Bramley through a friend who had cosmetic treatment there and not only did it save me countless hours reviewing all the dentists in the North East I ended up taking the plunge and following treatment I was absolutely delighted with my results. Dentist Hristo (Chris) had a tough job transforming my teeth that looked like a witch doctors necklace but he produced an absolute miracle. The staff are honest, realistic and they manage expectations very well. The sheer quality of the service from initial contact to after care treatment is superb and they come in at a very reasonable competitive price. Don't waste time looking or contemplating, just book an appointment.!!

  24. 21 Mar 17

    Amazing dentist, easy to get an appointment to your convenience. Everything is explained to you before you go ahead with treatment with a number of plans to which suits you best. Would 100% recommend anyone here.

  25. 18 Mar 17

    Very professional, but also you are put at ease .


  26. 15 Mar 17

    Very satisfied with the professionalism and facilities

    Because I have private insurance the plans you offer are not suitable or proved to be with Cigna. Therefore the hygienist fee is a little high. Having said that Lisa is very good and nice natured person

  27. 15 Mar 17

    I have been a patient of Ewan for many years and the service received from his dental practice is always first class. I would always recommend Ewan for all your dentistry needs.

  28. 15 Mar 17



  29. 15 Mar 17


  30. 14 Mar 17

    Very friendly and professional. 1st class service again!!

    No, in my opinion a first class service.

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