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  1. 24 Jun 17

    I'm really very happy so far.. although my first return hasn't gone through yet // I'm sure it'll be fine. Jonathan is great as his job :)

  2. 20 Jun 17


  3. 10 Jun 17

    Quick and efficient. You know your clients.

  4. 06 Jun 17

    Louise has been warm, helpful, clear, knowledgeable and efficient from our first phone call - very pleased so far

  5. 03 Jun 17

    Very efficient

  6. 03 Jun 17

    Excellent professional people with a very friendly approachable way. Great for people who have not got any idea about the finance side of business. Really helpful in every way. Can't speak highly enough about them. I have been with them for just over 20 years now with no problems whatsoever.

  7. 02 Jun 17

  8. 19 May 17

    Always communicative and helpful

  9. 19 May 17

    As always smart efficient and timely service.

  10. 11 May 17

  11. 11 May 17

  12. 10 May 17

    Friendly and efficient service

  13. 03 May 17

  14. 30 Apr 17

    Super service and easy way to work with

  15. 20 Apr 17

    Always good advice, always reliable, always good to work with you

  16. 27 Mar 17

    I am very happy with the service I receive from you. The blogs are particularly interesting and informative.

  17. 27 Mar 17

    Responded really quickly and calmly to my sudden panic over National Insurance. Great team.

  18. 18 Mar 17

    A wonderful team. Louise is very patient with my tardiness and general chaos. Perfect for a writer.

  19. 16 Mar 17

    A little expensive but I'm hoping the relationship between client and accountant makes up for this.

  20. 06 Mar 17

    Very, very impressive. Sarah Catherall was the person who sorted out my Tax return last year, and this year sorted out HMRC when i had a late penalty and basically sorted out the things I should have done (I didn't need to do a Tax return as i was on PAYE). Really impressed. with the service and Sarah is a friendly voice when the tax man sends not very nice letters.

  21. 03 Mar 17

    First class,excellent service never had a problem in over ten years as a client.

  22. 03 Mar 17

    Brilliant. Very helpful! Thank you

  23. 03 Mar 17


  24. 03 Mar 17

    Excellent efficient friendly service

  25. 02 Mar 17

    Very good. Any queries are answered as soon as possible and the client is reassured over concerns?

  26. 02 Mar 17

  27. 02 Mar 17

    Excellent. A comfort to know you are only a phone call away if we're are unsure of anything.

  28. 02 Mar 17

    We don't have much contact through out the year but when we do you deal with straight away. It's a comfort to know you are only a phone call or an email away if we're arnt sure of something

  29. 02 Mar 17

    Excellent. Very professional.

  30. 01 Mar 17

    Excellent service indeed !

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