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  1. 12 Jun 21

  2. 10 Jun 21

  3. 03 Jun 21

    I have been a client for over 15 years and until recently felt that I received a very personal service. However this ‘personal service’ seemed to dissipate as the company grew. Having only ever dealt with Jonathan and John, and finding them very approachable and helpful, I now don’t know who is dealing with my accounts. I have had more ‘grumbles’ over the last couple of years than in the preceding 10+ I’m the first to admit that my accounts/VAT leave me flummoxed. I’m still a client who wants to post a bag full of receipts. I do think there should be room for us ‘dinosaurs’ who have limited skills in this area, and very little interest. Having recommended you regularly I now don’t feel I can.

  4. 27 May 21

    Efficient in terms of technology. Friendly.

  5. 03 May 21

    There's been some understandable hit on comms given the lockdown and work from home, but overall still the same great service

  6. 27 Apr 21

    I have always received excellent communication and support from the team.

  7. 15 Mar 21


  8. 12 Feb 21

    Perfect. Can't fault one bit

  9. 03 Feb 21

    Extremely pleased working with you.

  10. 02 Feb 21

  11. 30 Jan 21

    Particularly given the challenges of the lockdown - ie furlough etc - your service has been excellent. Good luck and stay safe.

  12. 30 Jan 21

    Very professional which provides assurance. Also very responsive when I've had a query.

  13. 10 Jan 21

    I’ve been a client for a couple of years and I always enjoy working with the team because it’s easy, straightforward and you guys know exactly what I need.

  14. 03 Jan 21

    Good. Reliable. Trustworthy. Understanding - and understandable.

  15. 28 Dec 20

    Outstanding service and great people to deal with.

  16. 27 Dec 20

    Very good

  17. 22 Dec 20

    Very good

  18. 21 Dec 20

  19. 07 Dec 20

    Excellent as always.

  20. 04 Dec 20

    Jonathan Ford & Co are the best of the best. I work Alison, Alex and John who are all fantastic! They very quickly got to understand my business have gone above and beyond to get things on track for me. I hope that you and the entire firm are proud of yourselves and the work you do. If you're looking for an Accountant, it's very much worth going with Jonathan Ford & Co!

  21. 29 Nov 20


  22. 26 Nov 20

    You have been really supportive and always ready to answer queries that we have, however big or small. As a new business this has been great.

  23. 26 Nov 20

    Efficient and nimble to the current situation (COVID-19)

  24. 03 Nov 20

    Very efficient

  25. 02 Nov 20

    In these uncertain times it’s been nice that we get the information needed And on time so we have peace of mind

  26. 03 Oct 20

    Top of the league - as usual

  27. 30 Sep 20

    Overall very good. Friendly communication and excellent, straightforward advice.

  28. 29 Sep 20

  29. 28 Sep 20


  30. 28 Sep 20


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