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  1. 29 May 20

    I feel now have more confidence of my knowledge and skills as an EQA. Very much appreciated with the feedback and all the help and support.

  2. 29 May 20

    I have had an excellent experience with MKLC and my Tutor, Liam. was very responsive and gave very helpful feedback. I would recommend and return without a doubt.

  3. 28 May 20

    I was really hesitant studying online as I have never done it before. But I am very glad I did and that I did it with MKLC. My tutor Emma was a star, she was really supportive, extremely quick to reply and mark my submissions. Everything was smooth from enrolment till finish. Thank you very much Emma, I look forward to studying further with MKLC in the future :)

  4. 27 May 20

    The most positive experience I have had with a tutor in a long time. Matt was absolutely great, he is personable and really great at responding via email. He was very positive and gave great constructive feedback. He is an asset to the team hence why I gave him 10/10.

  5. 27 May 20

    Fantastic and really helpful

  6. 26 May 20

  7. 24 May 20

    I had all the support and guidance needed to help me achieve my qualification

  8. 23 May 20

    Really informative, helpful, educational and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Great constructive feedback from Matt if needed. Thank you

  9. 23 May 20

    I am so impressed with everything about this course , including my tutor Stu who was marking my submissions. I couldn’t believe how quickly emails were replied too and how quick things were marked. I’m really thankful I chose this company to do my course through it was the best decision I made, I give top marks for overall performance. Thankyou so much

  10. 22 May 20

    Was good enjoyed the course my tutor Stu was very helpful

  11. 22 May 20

    I really enjoyed my AET course, I had this course recommended to me by another beauty therapist. I took the plunge an enrolled on this course and I am so happy I did. Each unit was cut down into sections making it easier to get through all the work. My tutor was very quick on my assessment feedback.

  12. 20 May 20

    Fabulous Tutors and saupport

  13. 20 May 20

    I've had disappointing experiences with online learning providers in the past, but this experience has been fantastic. Both Tutors provided timely and detailed feedback which allowed me to make continual improvements.

  14. 19 May 20


  15. 15 May 20

    Excellent, very efficient with marking and all information provided.

  16. 14 May 20

    Brilliant course easy to follow and great support! Will definitely recommend to others

  17. 13 May 20

  18. 12 May 20

  19. 12 May 20

  20. 12 May 20

    My tutor Liam was brilliant throughout this process. He was able to show me a wide range of resources and understanding to complete this certificate. He was prompt at all times and his attitude towards teaching was remarkable. I would highly recommend Liam to other students who would like to complete this course.

  21. 12 May 20

    I found the course really informative. Lots of information and knowledge learnt from an online course. My tutor Stu was very quick at replying to any questions and he marked my work very quickly and with good explanation of what I needed to improve on to pass the course.

  22. 12 May 20

  23. 11 May 20

    all of the Assessor's effort contribute in working with highly performance through their feedback where always been constructive.

  24. 04 May 20

    Great course provider. Lessons very well designed.

  25. 29 Apr 20

    I am really pleased how easy it was to do online and the instant email response and support was brilliant

  26. 28 Apr 20

    Very professional

  27. 28 Apr 20

  28. 26 Apr 20

    Professional, attentive, helpful.

  29. 25 Apr 20

    Brilliant, supportive and never gave up on me achieving my qualification, I can’t thank Judith enough for all her support.

  30. 25 Apr 20


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