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  1. 18 Sep 19

  2. 16 Sep 19

    Amazing, I’ve enjoyed this whole course and learnt so much along the way I’m so pleased I choose to do it

  3. 13 Sep 19

    Everyone has been really supportive and informative. They have really helped when I needed it. I fealt at times I had a mental block because I have not been too well. I cant thank them enough.

  4. 12 Sep 19

    The tutor response is very fast and well guided me to complete the course.

  5. 09 Sep 19

    Very efficient way of gaining the diploma, especially when already teaching. Feedback is quick and useful.

  6. 09 Aug 19

    Very easy to use the online format, I wouldn’t hesitate to use again, in fact I’m thinking of enrolling in two other courses

  7. 08 Aug 19

    Very good, supportive and professional.

  8. 07 Aug 19

  9. 07 Aug 19

    very good

  10. 07 Aug 19

    Great, supportive, patient. thank you for your assistance and support.

  11. 07 Aug 19

    Overall I am happy with the course. It took a while to understand what I was meant to be doing and the process, but once I got to grips with it, it was fine.

  12. 03 Aug 19

    All aspect are fine but the tutor support in term of guidance and support, I found out to be exceptionally brilliant which make my whole course to be easier.

  13. 01 Aug 19

    The quick and constructive feedback really supported my motivation and progression. The course was laid out well and objectives were clear. I enjoyed carrying out my DET course and would recommend MKLC.

  14. 30 Jul 19

    Very good

  15. 30 Jul 19

    Very detailed and organised course. Tutor and Assessor support was fantastic!

  16. 29 Jul 19

    110% you guys rock Couldn't have done it without Judith's support. She is a star. I owe all my QA certifications to her. She is so supportive and I believe she is a great mentor.

  17. 26 Jul 19

    I have been really pleased with every aspect of the MKCL training service delivery. My tutor support Viktoria Seed as been superb from start to finish and I plan to now enroll for the CET. Emma & Viktoria I would like to say thank you very much for your effort and support. I already recommended you guys to colleagues and will again in the future.

  18. 26 Jul 19

    Very good performance. Very supportuve tutors

  19. 25 Jul 19

    I have found MKLC a fantastic education provider. The support has been amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. I have now completed 2 courses with MKLC and I’m looking forward to my next one!

  20. 23 Jul 19

    Really great! The course was enjoyable and I received the perfect amount of support. Many thanks

  21. 17 Jul 19

    Horrible website that really let my experience with MKLC down but enjoyed my couse

  22. 15 Jul 19

    The contents are highly organized on moodle. Tasks distribution over day to day checklist and achievement tracking sheet are very supportive tools. The templates provided for various assignment were very handy. It allows uniformity and let the learners start with the actual work quickly. The tutor (Dr. Judith) support has been excellent and motivating throughout the course. Overall the administration and learning process is very well structured and organized.

  23. 11 Jul 19

    Wonderful tutors

  24. 11 Jul 19

    I enrolled through The Guild advertising the AET course. To be honest it was only after did how much time would be required to meet the course deadlines. But that could have been my lack of reading all the t&c's. Overall the course pushed me a lot, one area particular is the forum as I enjoy reading forums I am not overly comfortable getting involved. It was also a challenge submitting documents but again, this is personal lack of skills. Once I got my head around it, it was very simple.

  25. 11 Jul 19

    Really enjoyed the course, thank you so much for all of the support.

  26. 28 Jun 19


  27. 28 Jun 19

    Everything was explained perfectly from start to finish with support on hand when needed. Any questions were answered quickly.

  28. 26 Jun 19

    Great support, very speedy marking and feedback provided by tutor.

  29. 25 Jun 19

    The course was a lot more than I anticipated. It’s a short but definitely intense course. I thoroughly enjoyed it once I got into the swing of things, my tutor Stu was very helpful and quick to respond with feedback and the Skype option is extremely convenient and efficient. Have already recommended the course to a friend.

  30. 24 Jun 19

    Great performance!

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