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  1. 16 May 19

    Amazing, very well structured and easy to follow

  2. 15 May 19

    I was impressed by the speed of the work being marked. The tutor was very helpful and replied straight away to messages.

  3. 30 Apr 19

    MKLC was excellent . The overall site was amazing and the tutors were always there on hand . Everything was simple to follow and understand.

  4. 27 Apr 19

    The overall performance of MKLC in delivering AET qualification is excellent. The support extended by the respective authorities were very good. I appreciate their support.

  5. 24 Apr 19

    Very good and professional

  6. 23 Apr 19


  7. 17 Apr 19

    Emma was very helpful throughout

  8. 12 Apr 19

    Helpful, constructive and informative throughout.

  9. 11 Apr 19

    I really enjoyed my course. I felt very supported and queries were answered very quickly. The layout of Moodle was very easy to work around. I would definitely recommend!

  10. 31 Mar 19

    Very good, with prompt and professional feedback. Thank you.

  11. 27 Mar 19

    It was good experience to study in MKLC. Great admin & tutor support, timely feedback. Guiding effectively.

  12. 22 Mar 19

    Instant feedback from instructor and great support especially I got from my instructor; Judith.

  13. 21 Mar 19

    Fantastic tutor who gave almost immediate feedback on assignments and guidance when ever needed

  14. 21 Mar 19

    Supportive and Helpful

  15. 19 Mar 19


  16. 18 Mar 19

    amazing, thorough and detailed

  17. 18 Mar 19

    i was once of the hardest students I'm sure. having to have major surgery just s i had started the course everyone helped accommodate me. my high anxiety was shameful s was my behaviour however all staff- Sandie and Emma continued to support me and got me through to the very end, i cannot thank the team at MKLC enough.

  18. 15 Mar 19

    I have found the whole experience of studying with MKLC enjoyable. I have learnt so much and had fantastic support throughout. I will be continuing my studies with MKLC and look forward to progressing with your help. Thank you!

  19. 14 Mar 19

    Great experience, great feedback from a helpful tutor!

  20. 14 Mar 19

  21. 13 Mar 19

    I had very good support from both my tutors Its a course i will recommend this course.

  22. 12 Mar 19

    Excellent, very professional and the communication has been superior. The instructor spends ample time, analysing assignments; giving valuable constructive criticism, to improve your skills . I would highly recommend this course for teachers, who want to enhance their teaching skills! 10/10 service, as the instructors are highly passionate and want you to succeed!

  23. 11 Mar 19


  24. 11 Mar 19

    Very Good

  25. 07 Mar 19

    Helpful throughout my difficulties

  26. 06 Mar 19

    The service from the tutors was amazing even out of business hours , they were happy to help.

  27. 02 Mar 19

    Easy to follow steps, very quick responses to emails and feedback, very encouraging approach from all the team that I dealt with.

  28. 28 Feb 19

  29. 27 Feb 19

  30. 25 Feb 19

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