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  1. 18 Jan 19

    Very good I am a novice to online assignments but got on great thanks

  2. 17 Jan 19

    Very good

  3. 17 Jan 19

    Very good

  4. 15 Jan 19

    Great feedback and response.

  5. 05 Jan 19

    Exceeded expectations. I would not hesitate to return to MKLC for future courses.

  6. 04 Jan 19

    An excellent course with excellent customer service and timely feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed the course - thank you.

  7. 23 Dec 18

    I have been wanting to complete this qualification for years after having acheived unit 1. When i asked other organisations no-one could tell me with any certainty if i had to redo unit 1 or if I could APL it. MKLC sorted this immediately and made the whole process easy and clear. I was able to complete quickly due to prompt feedback. I have already enrolled on a leadership course. Many thanks MKLC.

  8. 23 Dec 18

    I am very much satisfied with Ms. Viktoria as a my mentor and her full guide n advice. thanks

  9. 21 Dec 18

    Emma and Stu are both very supportive, accommodating and encouraging - thank you very much!

  10. 18 Dec 18

    My tutor and administration staff were azaming and always had a solution to my problems

  11. 17 Dec 18

    The course completely met my requirements. Emma was extremely efficient and responded immediately to any questions. I'm happy I chose MKLC for this course.

  12. 03 Dec 18

    I am happy with the feedback given for the work I have achieved, the work was marked very quickly which was good and very constructive.

  13. 29 Nov 18

    Very supportive in all areas, always there to answer questions, would recommend.

  14. 25 Nov 18

    Viktoria was very professional and patient. She has played a vital role in terms of guidance. Thanks for the MKLC team.

  15. 15 Nov 18

    Amazing, the support from Stu and Emma has been great.

  16. 15 Nov 18

    Gear service really pleased thank you so much to my tutor Sandie for all her help and to Emma too

  17. 13 Nov 18

    I found the moodle a little difficult at first to get my head around, but this was something very new to me. However once I got my head around it, it was fine. My tutor Stuart was extremely communicative and gave me really fast feedback on submissions which really helped to keep me motivated and kept my momentum going. Some of the assignments took me a while to understand what was being asked for but clarity was given when I asked. Overall happy!

  18. 12 Nov 18

    Proffesional, knowledgeable and the response to questions speady and help full

  19. 09 Nov 18

  20. 05 Nov 18

    I perceive MKLC to be committed and supportive of its learners. I have had quick responses and great feedback on my work. MKLC has made me very motivated to complete this course and the simplicity of the system has helped me with the speed of my completion.

  21. 02 Nov 18

    This has been an excellent learning experience for me, the tutors have been extremely supportive giving fantastic developmental and quick feedback throughout my journey. I have already recommended this course to others.

  22. 28 Oct 18

    It was really good, I appreciated the constructive criticism after each piece of work

  23. 26 Oct 18

    Very helpful and informative. Constructive criticism with guidance given on how to improve ones self.

  24. 22 Oct 18

    Very good

  25. 13 Oct 18

    The course material is challenging and I’m not sure the information that you are expected to know is defined as well as it could be. The unit information doesn’t go any way to explaining what the assessment goals are. The questions are fairly ambiguous and it’s demoralising to send in assignments when you’re very uncertain what you should have done. Only to get a partially achieved response sometimes two or three times. I have never learned remotely before and I think this course may have put me off doing it again. Emma was very efficient at coming back to me and I feel the administration side of things was well catered for. The course took a up a lot more than 20 hours.

  26. 12 Oct 18

    Very good, great Tutor support

  27. 12 Oct 18

    Very professional friendly and helpful, enjoyed the course

  28. 04 Oct 18

    Proffesional highy quality service

  29. 02 Oct 18

    Brilliant! Really pleased I took the course.

  30. 01 Oct 18

    It is one of the best experiences I have had with MKLC.

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