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  1. 17 Jul 19

    Horrible website that really let my experience with MKLC down but enjoyed my couse

  2. 15 Jul 19

    The contents are highly organized on moodle. Tasks distribution over day to day checklist and achievement tracking sheet are very supportive tools. The templates provided for various assignment were very handy. It allows uniformity and let the learners start with the actual work quickly. The tutor (Dr. Judith) support has been excellent and motivating throughout the course. Overall the administration and learning process is very well structured and organized.

  3. 11 Jul 19

    Wonderful tutors

  4. 11 Jul 19

    I enrolled through The Guild advertising the AET course. To be honest it was only after did how much time would be required to meet the course deadlines. But that could have been my lack of reading all the t&c's. Overall the course pushed me a lot, one area particular is the forum as I enjoy reading forums I am not overly comfortable getting involved. It was also a challenge submitting documents but again, this is personal lack of skills. Once I got my head around it, it was very simple.

  5. 11 Jul 19

    Really enjoyed the course, thank you so much for all of the support.

  6. 28 Jun 19


  7. 28 Jun 19

    Everything was explained perfectly from start to finish with support on hand when needed. Any questions were answered quickly.

  8. 26 Jun 19

    Great support, very speedy marking and feedback provided by tutor.

  9. 25 Jun 19

    The course was a lot more than I anticipated. It’s a short but definitely intense course. I thoroughly enjoyed it once I got into the swing of things, my tutor Stu was very helpful and quick to respond with feedback and the Skype option is extremely convenient and efficient. Have already recommended the course to a friend.

  10. 24 Jun 19

    Great performance!

  11. 21 Jun 19

    Very good Great emails , updates and ease of course

  12. 20 Jun 19

    Very good! Emails were responded to really quickly, and ample support was given throughout. Making the intensive course really easy to get through - thanks!

  13. 18 Jun 19

    Very supportive throughout and very quick as responses when I needed them.

  14. 10 Jun 19

  15. 03 Jun 19

    The tutor gave good constructive feedback, and replied very quickly to all submissions.

  16. 28 May 19

    Very professional tutor and moodle website made the whole process very achievable

  17. 28 May 19

    Judith provided extremely good feedback almost instantly after my requests. I was very happy with the experience overall and have already recommended to staff here in our institute. Would rate the service and customer relations in the highest regard. Thanks again to Judith and Emma for the support. Much appreciated for a convenient smooth certification process.

  18. 24 May 19

    It was a very convenient way to study and I'm glad I chose to study with MKLC.

  19. 20 May 19

  20. 20 May 19


  21. 16 May 19

    Amazing, very well structured and easy to follow

  22. 15 May 19

    I was impressed by the speed of the work being marked. The tutor was very helpful and replied straight away to messages.

  23. 30 Apr 19

    MKLC was excellent . The overall site was amazing and the tutors were always there on hand . Everything was simple to follow and understand.

  24. 27 Apr 19

    The overall performance of MKLC in delivering AET qualification is excellent. The support extended by the respective authorities were very good. I appreciate their support.

  25. 24 Apr 19

    Very good and professional

  26. 23 Apr 19


  27. 17 Apr 19

    Emma was very helpful throughout

  28. 12 Apr 19

    Helpful, constructive and informative throughout.

  29. 11 Apr 19

    I really enjoyed my course. I felt very supported and queries were answered very quickly. The layout of Moodle was very easy to work around. I would definitely recommend!

  30. 31 Mar 19

    Very good, with prompt and professional feedback. Thank you.

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