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  1. 13 Jul 20

    Nick was a really great guy. He managed the remote session really well, delivering clear and accessible training.

  2. 01 Jul 20

    my main issue was running from the internet but the trainers screen was ok to follow

  3. 29 May 20

  4. 29 May 20

  5. 06 Apr 20

  6. 16 Mar 20

  7. 13 Mar 20

    There were a few bugs and issues with the software that need fixing. Also there were some aspects of the NBS system that were of a concern - e.g. not being able to gather up all manufacturer literature that is referred and being able to download it. Insurers will not be happy if we do not hold a full copy of the spec including this. Durable links are not going to work so needs reviewing.

  8. 13 Mar 20

    Nicholas Armitt was excellent. But following the NBS line about Uniclass 2015 he is dismissive of the reason why Contractors and practices like HTA like the navigation that is present in the A to Z familiarity of CAWS. The idea that "old folks" find Uniclass 2015 harder than "young folks" is an NBS conceit that misses the point that CAWS is inherently PACKAGED in trades, and allows Trade Contractor engagement.

  9. 09 Mar 20

    Well paced and presented

  10. 02 Mar 20

    very informative and lots to get our heads around with regards to specification building but does look to be extremely good. The upcoming NBS Source looks like a very useful tool so look forward to seeing how this develops.

  11. 02 Mar 20

    Many thanks

  12. 28 Feb 20

    It was a very useful session, especially being relatively new to NBS.

  13. 26 Feb 20

    Time is restricted and questions hold up the session. The important items could be emphasised more.

  14. 19 Feb 20

    Wonder if it training time could be compressed?

  15. 19 Feb 20

  16. 19 Feb 20

  17. 19 Feb 20

    Very useful training - could potentially be reduced by an hour put otherwise very detailed.

  18. 19 Feb 20

  19. 19 Feb 20

  20. 19 Feb 20

    Nick very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

  21. 13 Feb 20

    Good Introduction - As I work in NBS Chorus I feel I will be able to understand the program better through practice.

  22. 13 Feb 20

  23. 13 Feb 20

    Very good overview session providing initial guidance on how to use NBS Chorus and link into Revit.

  24. 13 Feb 20

    The session was great and the trainer was very good. It would be good to have a practice project example where the trainer could walk us through a specific spec for a working live project that we are currently working on.

  25. 13 Feb 20

    Its was a very constructive session. not at all intimidating as i was anticipating it to be.

  26. 13 Feb 20

    Nick was great. balanced presentation. kept up to speed with the group and tolerated us asking questions advance of his programme.

  27. 13 Feb 20

    Clearer description of the limitations/implied benefits of Revit/Chorus linkage. more/better food!

  28. 13 Feb 20

  29. 13 Feb 20

    I believe the training course should be more interactive, and have more tasks that allow us to explore the system abit more.

  30. 13 Feb 20

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