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  1. 09 Feb 18

  2. 31 Jan 18

    I found all concerned to be extremely welcoming, helpful & professional, it was a very good experience.

  3. 31 Jan 18

  4. 31 Jan 18

  5. 05 Jan 18

    From waiting in reception to leaving at the end I felt welcome and was taken good care of. Mani was superb and I look forward to completing my rehab program

  6. 05 Jan 18

  7. 05 Jan 18

    I had a one-off consultation following some mild knee pain and received excellent advice and exercises that have helped me prepare for a hiking trip. Thank you so much.

  8. 05 Jan 18

    Great service and treatment, professional and efficient, I would definitely recommend Physiotherapy London.

  9. 21 Dec 17

    I had few sessions with Mani coz of my muscle injury after my first marathon. He was always very friendly, halpful, professional. And after 4 sessions (9 weeks) I'm able to go back to running.

  10. 19 Dec 17

  11. 19 Dec 17

  12. 19 Dec 17

  13. 19 Dec 17

    Extreme hip pain (trapped nerve) diagnosed quickly and effectively treated

  14. 19 Dec 17

  15. 04 Dec 17

  16. 22 Nov 17

    Been seeing Candice for neck and shoulder tension and after only 3 sessions, I feel so much better already. Great communication from Candice throughout. Really happy with the service so far!

  17. 21 Nov 17

    No my physio was lovely kind and gentle

  18. 20 Nov 17

  19. 20 Nov 17

    Candice has been fantastic - very thorough in her initial assessment and not quick to jump to her conclusion. I felt as though she considered a lot of different options before concluding on how to deal with the issue. Overall I am very happy with the service she has provided.

  20. 20 Nov 17

  21. 20 Nov 17

  22. 20 Nov 17

    Jody was great and I saw fast results.

  23. 20 Nov 17

    I saw Mani , had a problem with my knee , I was starting a new job in two weeks time and needed it sorted , Mani was excellent gave me exercises which greatly improved my condition and was confident that I would be ok for my new job , which I was , very good can’t recommend highly enough

  24. 20 Nov 17

    Mani was amazing. He listen to me and explain everything clearly. He also insured I know how best to try and stay injury free.

  25. 21 Oct 17

  26. 05 Oct 17

    Jody is an incredible physiotherapist: attentive, knowledgeable, and supportive! Although my knees aren't fully recovered and strong as of yet, Jody recommended exercises that minimised the pain by strengthening my leg muscles. I've struggled with knee pain for nearly four years, yet his knowledge and expertise helped to minimise the pain in less than four weeks. Overall, it's a great place that provides an excellent service.

  27. 03 Oct 17

  28. 02 Oct 17

  29. 02 Oct 17

    I have only completed 2 sessions and above marks is based on these two visits.

  30. 02 Oct 17

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