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  1. 20 Jul 19

    I very much appreciated the advice and physiotherapy exercises I was given and am continuing to carry them out. I was also pleased to read the email sent to the knee surgeon who 'allegedly' carried out my surgery. Thankyou.

  2. 18 Jul 19

    None it was perfect

  3. 18 Jul 19

    Candice provides clear and detailed information of diagnosis and recovery plan

  4. 18 Jul 19

  5. 11 Jul 19

  6. 19 Jun 19

    Candice is amazing. Very professional and clear with my treatment plan. She came highly recommended from my consultant and I can see why. The environment at your Canary Wharf practice could be greatly improved. As it feels outdated and in need of an upgrade.

  7. 29 May 19

    Thoroughly impressed . Only one visit so far but initial consultation with Daniele was everything I could have hoped for in terms of diagnostic precision , efficient use of time and recommended route to recovery .

  8. 29 May 19

  9. 29 May 19

    Keep up good work. Friendly, effective and accommodating staff - have already recommended this to friends and family.

  10. 19 May 19

  11. 15 May 19

  12. 14 May 19

  13. 14 May 19

    Mani is exceptionally friendly and easy to deal with. Would recommend!

  14. 14 May 19

  15. 14 May 19

  16. 14 May 19

  17. 14 May 19

  18. 14 May 19

  19. 01 May 19

  20. 01 May 19

    Daniele is a pleasure to work with. Good initial screening, clear explanation of the diagnosis, well adjusted exercise plan and his enthusiasm all helped in my speedy recovery. Highly recommended.

  21. 30 Apr 19

    I had a really painful knee and after only a couple of sessions I'm pain-free. Great communication and very friendly. Can't recommend highly enough. Thank you Candice!

  22. 25 Apr 19

  23. 24 Apr 19

    I developed hip bursitis whilst training for a swim-run event last year: it was painful just turning over in bed and getting downstairs in the morning: running was impossible. Daniele’s expertise, support and encouragement have been key to both my diagnosis and recovery. He developed a challenging program of exercises to strengthen the muscles stabilising my pelvis before introducing functional exercises and finally jogging and running back into my program of hip rehabilitation. I’m now back running pain free which is wonderful but, just as important, Daniele has taught me what to do to minimise risk of recurrence !!

  24. 12 Apr 19

  25. 12 Apr 19

  26. 12 Apr 19

  27. 22 Mar 19

    My therapist was very knowledgeable which gave me confidence in the treatment.

  28. 21 Mar 19

  29. 20 Mar 19

    Really good knowledge and professional person but she needs more self-confidence (or maybe experience I don't know) to do this kind of treatments and don't be scared to make pressure

  30. 20 Mar 19

    They got to the root of my problem and put me on some great exercises to get my muscles rehabilitated and strong for the long run. Very happy!

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