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  1. 15 May 19

  2. 14 May 19

  3. 14 May 19

    Mani is exceptionally friendly and easy to deal with. Would recommend!

  4. 14 May 19

  5. 14 May 19

  6. 14 May 19

  7. 14 May 19

  8. 14 May 19

  9. 01 May 19

  10. 01 May 19

    Daniele is a pleasure to work with. Good initial screening, clear explanation of the diagnosis, well adjusted exercise plan and his enthusiasm all helped in my speedy recovery. Highly recommended.

  11. 30 Apr 19

    I had a really painful knee and after only a couple of sessions I'm pain-free. Great communication and very friendly. Can't recommend highly enough. Thank you Candice!

  12. 25 Apr 19

  13. 24 Apr 19

    I developed hip bursitis whilst training for a swim-run event last year: it was painful just turning over in bed and getting downstairs in the morning: running was impossible. Daniele’s expertise, support and encouragement have been key to both my diagnosis and recovery. He developed a challenging program of exercises to strengthen the muscles stabilising my pelvis before introducing functional exercises and finally jogging and running back into my program of hip rehabilitation. I’m now back running pain free which is wonderful but, just as important, Daniele has taught me what to do to minimise risk of recurrence !!

  14. 12 Apr 19

  15. 12 Apr 19

  16. 12 Apr 19

  17. 22 Mar 19

    My therapist was very knowledgeable which gave me confidence in the treatment.

  18. 21 Mar 19

  19. 20 Mar 19

    Really good knowledge and professional person but she needs more self-confidence (or maybe experience I don't know) to do this kind of treatments and don't be scared to make pressure

  20. 20 Mar 19

    They got to the root of my problem and put me on some great exercises to get my muscles rehabilitated and strong for the long run. Very happy!

  21. 19 Mar 19

    I feel a lot better and almost fully recovered from my injury now. The exercises, tapes and acupuncture you gave me in the past 3 months helped me to strengthen the injured muscles and now I am able to get back to my original routine of sports and activities. Thank you for being such a great physio, and helping me through my recovery, Daniele!

  22. 08 Mar 19

  23. 24 Feb 19

  24. 22 Feb 19

    Daniele is a superb practitioner. He actually treated me a few years ago for a different injury and I tracked him down again to assist with my shoulder rehab. He provides a clear diagnosis and plan of action that works. It’s useful that there is a full gym easily on hand.

  25. 11 Feb 19

    The 3 sessions, I have attended so far for my case, went well. I am very happy with the service, the staff working for the clinic, and Scott the therapist is excellent too, very skilled, friendly and replies to the patient concerns by giving them appropriate answers.

  26. 10 Feb 19

  27. 08 Feb 19

    I am so very impressed both with Mani's approach to therapy and because of his acutely tuned personal approach and ever listening ear. Excellence in practice; very highly recommended.

  28. 03 Feb 19

  29. 01 Feb 19

    Daniele was suggested by a friend, and did not disappoint. After almost a year with a knee injury, a few months of physio and a recovery strategy for my running goals, along with some other advice, I'm back on track with my training and really happy. Thank you.

  30. 30 Jan 19

    Nothing additional. Excellent outcome for a very sore and annoying shoulder.

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