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  1. 12 Aug 18

    Yvonne is a fabulous therapist. She is friendly, approachable, very knowledgable, highly skilled and very good at diagnosing the root cause of any issues

  2. 10 Aug 18

    Candice is both a knowledgeable professional as well as a great, warm soul and communicating with her regarding the treatment is easy and clear.

  3. 10 Aug 18

    Scott delivers really good physio, exercise instruction and advice. Super -happy with him and have recommended to a friend.

  4. 10 Aug 18

  5. 10 Aug 18

    E verything was perfect.. the location was good , the Physio and the treatment I received was good too. Thanx

  6. 07 Aug 18

  7. 02 Aug 18

  8. 27 Jul 18

  9. 24 Jul 18

  10. 19 Jul 18

  11. 18 Jul 18

  12. 18 Jul 18

  13. 11 Jul 18

    Include balance exercise in the videos

  14. 05 Jul 18

  15. 04 Jul 18

    I felt really looked after by the whole team. I've had a tendon problem in my knee for months, but the shockwave therapy really helped. I'm back running 10km, and the strength work has improved my technique too. Really impressed, and have already recommended to friends.

  16. 03 Jul 18

    Wonderful service, with the added bonus of having the prescribed exercises available on a mobile app!

  17. 01 Jul 18

    The physiotherapist found the problem...but that was it. I am active fitness professional and needed a treatment,apart from pdf exercise/ what I do every day /the pain is still there on and off. I like to get back to me training rutine ,but not knowing is can be cured or stay forever in my life is difficult...I doubt it from simple stretching my problem simply go away.

  18. 28 Jun 18

  19. 27 Jun 18

  20. 25 Jun 18

  21. 21 Jun 18

  22. 05 Jun 18

    Hi The treatment in the session was excellent. However the links sent were confusing. Further when I emailed to have this clarified my email was (and to date has been) ignored. I feel this is poor service.

  23. 01 Jun 18

  24. 01 Jun 18

    Very good therapist and handy that all the exercises are sent via email

  25. 16 May 18

    Professional, friendly and caring!

  26. 10 May 18

    Candice has an approachable personality and is very knowledgeable. By the end of the first session she had diagnosed the problem, clearly articulated the things to avoid and the best exercises to aid recovery, and had started the physical treatment. Since then she has incrementally added knowledge and insight whilst progressing treatment. Her initial first session diagnosis (trapped nerve in neck) has subsequently been confirmed by an MRI scan - she even managed to estimate the exact discs between which it is trapped. I wish I had visited a month earlier as I carried the paid around before starting treatment....

  27. 10 May 18

    The pdfs of exercises to follow in between sessions are invaluable - thank you!

  28. 02 May 18

  29. 26 Apr 18

  30. 24 Apr 18

    Vey happy with Jody getting to root of the problem and communicating what needs to be done and what progress to expect

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