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  1. 15 Nov 18

    Danielle is a first class physio therapist. He always has a deep understanding of the underlying problems of his patients. He uses a multi-disciplinary approach in his treatment. He also has a very good understanding of his patient psychee and gives them the required education and equips them with the tools to overcome discomofort and pain.

  2. 05 Nov 18

  3. 02 Nov 18

    Candice's magic fixed my back within the first meeting.

  4. 19 Oct 18

    Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Additionally, my therapist has explained everything and is always very helpful when I have a question.

  5. 19 Oct 18

    Sue in your office was extremely kind and helpful - I was very impressed by her understanding and professionalism. Daniele was also very professional and went to great lengths to ensure that I understood the issue and the treatment plan. He was kind and made me feel very relaxed. Thank you Physiotherapy London - I would gladly recommend you to friends and family.

  6. 18 Oct 18

  7. 29 Sep 18

    A very good service and possible to get quick appointments at times of need. Our physio was very helpful. Thank you

  8. 27 Sep 18


  9. 26 Sep 18

    Thorough, practical, professional and informative!

  10. 20 Sep 18

    Excellent team u have

  11. 20 Sep 18

  12. 13 Sep 18

  13. 13 Sep 18

    Very happy with the service! Candice is very approachable and gives helpful tips to reduce pain / improve posture. Communication is excellent - I receive weekly exercises after each session and booking is easy. Would recommend if you live/work in the area!

  14. 29 Aug 18

  15. 28 Aug 18

  16. 22 Aug 18

    My physiotherapist, Candice Morgan at Marble Arch is superb. She got straight in and worked out my shoulder was causing my rib pain. I was in such agony when I arrived and felt much better after 1 session. She’s hands on!

  17. 22 Aug 18

    Warm, professional and excellent physio treatment. Physiotherapist takes time at every session to diagnose status and recovery progress. Exercise recommendations are confirmed with illustrative examples via email. Lovely, helpful front of house service too!

  18. 12 Aug 18

    Yvonne is a fabulous therapist. She is friendly, approachable, very knowledgable, highly skilled and very good at diagnosing the root cause of any issues

  19. 10 Aug 18

    Candice is both a knowledgeable professional as well as a great, warm soul and communicating with her regarding the treatment is easy and clear.

  20. 10 Aug 18

    Scott delivers really good physio, exercise instruction and advice. Super -happy with him and have recommended to a friend.

  21. 10 Aug 18

  22. 10 Aug 18

    E verything was perfect.. the location was good , the Physio and the treatment I received was good too. Thanx

  23. 07 Aug 18

  24. 02 Aug 18

  25. 27 Jul 18

  26. 24 Jul 18

  27. 19 Jul 18

  28. 18 Jul 18

  29. 18 Jul 18

  30. 11 Jul 18

    Include balance exercise in the videos

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