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  1. 19 Sep 19

  2. 18 Sep 19

  3. 18 Sep 19

  4. 18 Sep 19

    Mani was extremely professional.

  5. 18 Sep 19

    Mani is amazing, such a nice person and very knowledgable. Sue is wonderful too!

  6. 18 Sep 19

    You need to have incentive if I was to introduce people to your clinic ! I introduced four people and what did I get ! Nothing. Doesn’t motivate me

  7. 08 Sep 19

    Mani carefully explained my treatment and answered all my questions professionally. Thanks

  8. 04 Sep 19

    Candice is fantastic, very professional, knowledgeable and approachable. I feel better after each session, making steady progress.

  9. 28 Aug 19

    Daniele Delicati is a very skilled and informative physician. As he’s quite holistic in his approach, depending on my needs, he can use a combination of musculoskeletal techniques including acupuncture & massage to address my problems. Of course it also helps that he is very approachable and personable - I really appreciate how he takes the time to listen and respond to any amount of questions I have; it enables me to take more ownership of my well-being. Thank you, Daniele!

  10. 25 Aug 19

    Candice is an excellent physio and has really helped me with my condition

  11. 23 Aug 19

    Very happy with the treatment program given by Daniele, he appreciated my eagerness to get back into sport and took a structured approach to ensure this was as smooth as possible

  12. 23 Aug 19

  13. 19 Aug 19

    Daniele is excellent and I would highly recommend him. He gave me a clear diagnosis and a treatment plan which is adjusted based on my progress.

  14. 14 Aug 19

  15. 12 Aug 19

  16. 01 Aug 19

    Lovely team, great treatment, Physiotherapy London will always be my first choice!!!

  17. 01 Aug 19

  18. 31 Jul 19

    I had a great 3 shockwave therapy sessions with Daniel. Very explanatory and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

  19. 25 Jul 19

    I have been extremely pleased with the service provided.

  20. 20 Jul 19

    I very much appreciated the advice and physiotherapy exercises I was given and am continuing to carry them out. I was also pleased to read the email sent to the knee surgeon who 'allegedly' carried out my surgery. Thankyou.

  21. 18 Jul 19

    None it was perfect

  22. 18 Jul 19

    Candice provides clear and detailed information of diagnosis and recovery plan

  23. 18 Jul 19

  24. 11 Jul 19

  25. 19 Jun 19

    Candice is amazing. Very professional and clear with my treatment plan. She came highly recommended from my consultant and I can see why. The environment at your Canary Wharf practice could be greatly improved. As it feels outdated and in need of an upgrade.

  26. 29 May 19

    Thoroughly impressed . Only one visit so far but initial consultation with Daniele was everything I could have hoped for in terms of diagnostic precision , efficient use of time and recommended route to recovery .

  27. 29 May 19

  28. 29 May 19

    Keep up good work. Friendly, effective and accommodating staff - have already recommended this to friends and family.

  29. 19 May 19

  30. 15 May 19

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