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  1. 16 Jan 18

    Staff are always friendly and professional.


  2. 16 Jan 18

    The revamped waiting area is in my view a clear step backwards. It is much less comfortable.

  3. 16 Jan 18

    Very good and professional

  4. 16 Jan 18

    Rating ref timing is because Sue went home. Luckily Jon was able to see me earlier than planned so that worked out OK.

  5. 15 Jan 18

    Very good apart from the incident concerning selfish behaviour with the complimentary newspapers in the waiting area.

    Yes. (1) Revert to having one large coffee table in the waiting area (2) Try to prevent people in the waiting area “hogging” the complimentary newspapers! There was one lady whose husband was airing for treatment busy texting/emailing who had accumulated 3. ((THREE) newspapers and when asked if she was reading the Mail replied that she was about to do so, and continued to use her iPhone ! What made it worse is that it was her husband who was waiting for treatment so she was in fact taking up space without good reason! I suggest a small notice is placed in the waiting area “As a courtesy to other patients, please take only ONE newspaper or magazine while waiting for your appointment “

  6. 15 Jan 18


  7. 15 Jan 18

    Excellent. Friendly and professional, as always.

    No. All is fine.

  8. 15 Jan 18

    Excellent, as alway. Thank you all.

    Not for me...

  9. 15 Jan 18



  10. 13 Jan 18

    I have been coming to you for about 40 years, and that alone tells you how very good in treatment/welcoming/booking the practice is; I find it all very friendly and relaxing, nothing too much for you all. Many thanks to you all especially Dr. John Brazier who has looked after me for all these years, & kept me smiling.

    For me really you all are great & look after me extremely well. You always seem to have the latest equipment /good investments . Maybe since I have been coming to you for such a long time a little percentage reduction would be highly appreciated & welcome. Please keep up the high standard of work. The practice has come a long way from when I started coming to you. I am pleased and happy with you all.

  11. 11 Jan 18

    excellent, as usual.

  12. 11 Jan 18

    Full marks in all Depts

  13. 11 Jan 18

  14. 11 Jan 18

    Very friendly and efficient

    No everything was fine

  15. 10 Jan 18

  16. 10 Jan 18

    About as good as a visit to the dentist could be. My kids have absolutely no fear of coming to the Portmore

  17. 10 Jan 18

    Always find my visits very professional especially Lois. Eben on the other hand.... Only joking! All good thanks.

    Parking space

  18. 10 Jan 18

  19. 09 Jan 18

    Always very professional

  20. 08 Jan 18

    Professionally excellent, don’t like the new waiting area arrangement , the old setup was more relaxing as otherwise all staff were helpful and charming.

  21. 08 Jan 18


    None that I can think of

  22. 08 Jan 18

    I was extremely nervous but am now relieved the treatment went well and is now underway. Great dentist and anaesthetist!!

  23. 08 Jan 18

  24. 08 Jan 18


  25. 08 Jan 18

    Very good

  26. 07 Jan 18

    Lois was very helpful and informative as usual - thank you

  27. 05 Jan 18

    Very good

  28. 05 Jan 18

    Very good

  29. 05 Jan 18

    Overall very good indeed and wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

    1/2 price would be nice!

  30. 04 Jan 18

    Very professional

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