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  1. – 18 Mar 18

    Overall, good experience, but extremely expensive. So much so that we are actively considering other dentists. Perhaps these are the going rates, but the prices seem far higher than perceive as reasonable.


  2. – 17 Mar 18

    Really good. i have already told my friends about the practice.

    It was only my inital consultation, so I cannot suggest anything.

  3. – 16 Mar 18


  4. – 16 Mar 18

    Very good

    No! Consistently goodπŸ‘

  5. – 16 Mar 18

  6. – 16 Mar 18

  7. – 15 Mar 18

  8. – 15 Mar 18

    Relaxing and very comfortable.

    I am not keen on Ladies and Gents toilets being in together, but I suppose there is no ther way.

  9. – 15 Mar 18

  10. – 15 Mar 18

    Very professional


  11. – 14 Mar 18

    Very professional

  12. – 14 Mar 18

    Been a patient since Portmore was in their old offices. I adore the front staff - so friendly and helpful and always remember me. My whole family are patients and I wouldn't trust our teeth to anyone else.

  13. – 14 Mar 18

    Very good

  14. – 12 Mar 18

    Great, Dr Andre is very kind and made me feel at ease.

  15. – 09 Mar 18

  16. – 09 Mar 18


    Somewhere to hang coats perhaps in the main lounge area. I feel so cumbersome with coats and its so hot in the practice, it would be nice to hang them in an area. At our own risk of course. JN

  17. – 08 Mar 18

  18. – 08 Mar 18

    My overall experience was ok. The welcome was friendly but then a piece of paper is shoved into my face saying β€œas you are not getting a dentist to look at you” please sign this paper acknowledging it’s your decision and not our fault” then a 3 page legal document was put in front of me to sign. I’m a lawyer myself and even I didn’t want to read it. It felt like a rental car experience. Then the hygienist asked the same question and seemed shocked that I didn’t want a checkup. It’s my choice. I have loads of experience with hygienists and I thought she was a bit heavy handed with my teeth. The person who I had before had a lighter touch and wasn’t as aggressive.

    The client process of dealing with the waiver. Maybe it can be done prior or in a way that’s less intimidating. Because of x you must do y !

  19. – 08 Mar 18


  20. – 08 Mar 18

    Very positive

  21. – 07 Mar 18

  22. – 07 Mar 18

    I feel very relaxed at Portmore and iam very happy with my treatment ,from my initial call to Portmore which Mandy took she was fantastic at putting me at ease and explained what to expect on my first visit πŸ˜€

    Not really I think it's a great friendly place to get your teeth fixed with great staff

  23. – 07 Mar 18

    I was surprised and a bit upset to see the lounge changed again and none of the previous receptionist present. New ones are lovely but not as experienced and caring. Also uniform has changed once again and more staff is around. I'm afraid it's not a positive change for me personally as it obviously reflect on the treatment prices that are constantly rising. I'd rather you keep the previous lounge furniture than increase the cost of treatments. Also hygienists have an assistant now who does not seem to be occupied with much. Sorry for being critical

  24. – 07 Mar 18


  25. – 07 Mar 18


    Cheaper treatments!

  26. – 05 Mar 18

  27. – 05 Mar 18

  28. – 05 Mar 18



  29. – 05 Mar 18


  30. – 01 Mar 18

    Very pleasant - your teeth cleaning unit did a great job, most impressed.


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