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  1. 01 Dec 21

    I was petrified, the most significant dental work I have experienced to date, and I’ve had a lot. From Mandy’s smiley and comforting greeting to Johan’s caring, kind and confident nature to Bryony’s sympathetic and relaxing personality. I could not be more grateful to the Portmore team for supporting and ensuring the birth of my new smile and indeed next chapter of my life. Ebon, Johan and the team have done their utmost to make this possible for which I am eternally grateful.

  2. 29 Nov 21

    Excellent Only reason for not recommending is price as it is much higher than other operators in the area.

  3. 29 Nov 21

    Excellent all round, the staff are very welcoming and highly focused on providing excellent care. The treatment quality is excellent vs previous private treatment I've experienced. Have recommended a friend for treatment based on my experiences.

  4. 29 Nov 21

    Great, as always. Thank you!

  5. 29 Nov 21

    I felt very calm which is unusual for Me when at the dentist. I was very happy with the consultation and have already recommended the Dentist I saw to others.

  6. 29 Nov 21

    Excellent...friendly, professional and communicative as always.

  7. 29 Nov 21

    I arrived at 2:55 for my appointment at 3.pm. I waited at least 20 to 25 minutes before being seen but after that the treatment was very good.

  8. 29 Nov 21

  9. 29 Nov 21

    It's always nice and friendly, from the front of house to the nurses.

  10. 29 Nov 21

    Fine, thank you.

  11. 29 Nov 21


  12. 24 Nov 21

  13. 23 Nov 21

  14. 23 Nov 21

  15. 23 Nov 21

  16. 23 Nov 21

  17. 23 Nov 21

  18. 23 Nov 21

    Very sympathetic and highly sensitive to specific background of your patients

  19. 22 Nov 21

    The best care you could possibly want.

  20. 22 Nov 21

  21. 22 Nov 21


  22. 22 Nov 21

    Professional attitude of a dedicated staff.

  23. 22 Nov 21

    Friendly, efficient, professional experience

  24. 22 Nov 21

  25. 22 Nov 21

    Good as always

  26. 22 Nov 21

    As always having treatment/check ups with Doctor John Brazier is a fine soothing experience and it’s always lovely to see him.

  27. 22 Nov 21

    My experience was all very good at your dental practice. All the staff seem very nice and helpful. The equipment seems very high tech so that the dental work was done very quickly.

  28. 22 Nov 21

    I would only recommend your lovely hygienist Tricia I certainly would NOT be recommending any of the Dentist’s

  29. 22 Nov 21

    Always an excellent service

  30. 22 Nov 21

    Good experience with wonderful staff. Don’t like the various options on the phone when calling to make appointment - unnecessary waste of time from customer’s perspective. Waiting room needs magazines/newspapers like before.

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