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  1. 23 Oct 17

    Very good-pleased with the result of my treatment. I did have more pain than usual after anaesthetic had worn off though which I wasn't expecting.

  2. 23 Oct 17

    Every thing was good but to be kept waiting for half an hour is a bit much to take.

    Time keeping

  3. 21 Oct 17

    Full marks

    Can't think of any

  4. 20 Oct 17

    when it comes to your health and wellbeing it's important to find the right practice whether it be the Dr, Surgeon, Dentist etc. I've been with Portmore for approximately 35yrs and have no reason to change. The care from all departments - Reception, Dentist and Hygienist is second to none and I would highly recommend anyone to go there. An overall great experience.

  5. 20 Oct 17


  6. 20 Oct 17

    Still got toothache.

    Better car park and entry to premises

  7. 19 Oct 17

    Always have very good treatment , and everyone very polite and friendly,

    Punctual appointment times

  8. 18 Oct 17

    Painful but satisfactory

  9. 18 Oct 17

  10. 18 Oct 17

    Professionally excellent; charge rates seem high for the length of time I was there; will compare elsewhere.

    See above.

  11. 18 Oct 17

    Visiting the hygienist is never fun, but Sue makes it about as good as it can be!

  12. 16 Oct 17

    All were SPOT ON.

    A reading lamp would be good.

  13. 16 Oct 17

    All good

    No, I think you do a pretty good job

  14. 16 Oct 17

    Nerve wrecking, however, Lois was very kind.

    Sectional seating in lounge is horrible:(

  15. 16 Oct 17

    Very pleased with service and friendliness from Portmore

  16. 16 Oct 17

  17. 12 Oct 17

  18. 12 Oct 17

    Very pleased with the practices ability to respond so quickly to my minor emergency (cap came off an implant).10 out of 10 and much appreciated. For comment I was in the chair from probably 5 - 10 minutes max, and the cost was £45 which I felt was a bit high for what was a very quick and I believe simple job. Not an issue and appreciate that the practice has a lots of overheads but just still felt a little expensive. I have only mentioned this as you are looking for constructive feed back on treatments and perhaps these very simple procedures should be cheaper should be for your regular clientele. I have in the past for checkups and general dentistry work always found your costs very justifiable and understandable. This is for your information only, I do not want and am not looking for a discount on the treatment. Thank you again

  19. 12 Oct 17

    Always great going to Portmore especially having a quick chat with Eben, Stygies and John.

    Parking space... Just because I am too lazy to walk from Morrison’s

  20. 12 Oct 17

  21. 11 Oct 17

    Excelent. Well done

  22. 11 Oct 17

    All the staff are helpful and make you welcome. Up-to date dental equipment and the lastest skill levels

    No John Brazie and the other partners ensure adequate training to all.

  23. 10 Oct 17

    Very good; informative, friendly and professional .

    Not that I can think of.

  24. 10 Oct 17

    Very good, very reassuring.


  25. 10 Oct 17

  26. 10 Oct 17

    As a scardy cat patient , It wasn't partucularly pleasant but that's not any failt of the terrific team at Portmore. I just don't cope with the drill etc very well.


  27. 10 Oct 17


  28. 09 Oct 17

    Apart from the fact that i had to pay,and the water cleaning of the teeth was somewhat un- comfortable,i was told my teeth were in good condition.


  29. 06 Oct 17

    Good with a a feeling of satisfaction and competence at the end of the treatment

    Possibly some clothes-hangers in the reception area.

  30. 06 Oct 17

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