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  1. 10 May 21

  2. 29 Apr 21

  3. 27 Apr 21

    very helpful and supportive

  4. 21 Apr 21

  5. 20 Apr 21

    The support has been great. They have relentlessly made effort to resolve the issue. Great support received.

  6. 09 Apr 21

    Very quick and professional response. Thank you

  7. 08 Apr 21

    The Technician Mohammed as always was very professional and more importantly very friendly and accommodating to the way we work which isn't always straightforward. It is always a delight to work with him and really all Qgate staff.

  8. 06 Apr 21

  9. 24 Mar 21

    We are still evaluating the software from a user perspective at this point so I can't give you a 10 overall. With that said, however, your support staff is very helpful, easy to work with and good about returning emails. I can see where it would be more helpful to have expanded support hours for emergencies for customers not in your GMT time zone.

  10. 23 Mar 21

  11. 15 Mar 21

    Paul went above and beyond to help diagnose and resolve the issue, as well as being really polite and pleasant on the phone!

  12. 11 Mar 21

    As usual, QGate Support was timely and even though the issue was not in in QGate software, they assisted in leading us to a positive resolution.

  13. 04 Mar 21

    Paul Barnes always provides me with quick, accurate answers

  14. 04 Mar 21

    Thanks for the speedy and helpful response

  15. 04 Mar 21

    Quick response and Oliver took time to investigate when I know he was busy on other things

  16. 24 Feb 21

  17. 24 Feb 21

  18. 08 Feb 21

    The support team was highly responsive, consistently ensuring that we progressed through any identified issues - always confirming whether or not our issues or concerns were addressed to our satisfaction or otherwise resolved. They were timely and consistently met their commitments in our upgrade process.

  19. 08 Jan 21

    The Qgate support team have been invaluable to me doing my work. They are always pleasant, helpful and always ready to jump on a call when needed even on very short notice.

  20. 26 Nov 20

  21. 26 Nov 20

    - quick response; - allways willing to resolve the problem; - acts like a partner; - thinks along.

  22. 17 Nov 20

    Always satisfied with the response from the technical team in regards to any issues that come up with Paribus.

  23. 17 Nov 20

    Great support.

  24. 16 Nov 20

    The QGate Team is always available with patient and knowledgeable assistance.

  25. 30 Oct 20

    Craig helped me to resolve the issue I was having and it was all sorted out very quickly!

  26. 30 Oct 20

    The support from QGate is always first class, Craig is great!

  27. 19 Oct 20

  28. 15 Sep 20

    Good response time to issue raised Friendly support

  29. 14 Sep 20

  30. 09 Sep 20

    Quick response to issues

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