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  1. 08 Jan 21

    The Qgate support team have been invaluable to me doing my work. They are always pleasant, helpful and always ready to jump on a call when needed even on very short notice.

  2. 26 Nov 20

  3. 26 Nov 20

    - quick response; - allways willing to resolve the problem; - acts like a partner; - thinks along.

  4. 17 Nov 20

    Always satisfied with the response from the technical team in regards to any issues that come up with Paribus.

  5. 17 Nov 20

    Great support.

  6. 16 Nov 20

    The QGate Team is always available with patient and knowledgeable assistance.

  7. 30 Oct 20

    Craig helped me to resolve the issue I was having and it was all sorted out very quickly!

  8. 30 Oct 20

    The support from QGate is always first class, Craig is great!

  9. 19 Oct 20

  10. 15 Sep 20

    Good response time to issue raised Friendly support

  11. 14 Sep 20

  12. 09 Sep 20

    Quick response to issues

  13. 25 Aug 20

  14. 18 Aug 20

    Quick Support and Resolution.

  15. 13 Aug 20

    Great service, thank you!

  16. 12 Aug 20

  17. 12 Aug 20

    Craig was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. He was able to quickly resolve my issue, and it was a pleasure working with him.

  18. 03 Aug 20

    Knowledgeable team, great response time

  19. 29 Jul 20

    Support is knowledgeable and responds in good time. I sometimes am confused when told my issue is outside of support when I feel it is indeed a consequence of using the application and therefore support is applicable. Nevertheless after some discussion they have taken my issue on board, identified it as warranting a response and I received an answer in a timely fashion.

  20. 29 Jul 20

  21. 21 Jul 20

    Its often not that easy to understand explanations for queries provided by Qgate as they are often explains in "tech terms" and are not straightfoward to understand.

  22. 17 Jul 20

  23. 16 Jul 20

    The team is attentive, knowledgeable and I didn't have to contact them multiple times.

  24. 15 Jul 20

    Always found QGate very helpful and will do what they can to help. Quick response and solution to the issue.

  25. 08 Jul 20

    We have had the same technical issue since 5/14/20 that made CTI unusable. App crashed after every call was hung up. It is now 7/8/20 and we are still unable to use CTI. On 6/19/20 a patch for the 5/14 issue was given to us but it introduced another issue that made CTI unusable. The patch was not tested because if it was the issue would have been caught. The patch fixed the crashing issue but made CTI unable to end calls. It has been almost another month with no update and our company has lost productivity due to poor software releases. Having a product that our company relies on not be functional for nearly two months is unacceptable. The best part is that Qgate knew of this issue back in February of 2020. We had two users with the CTI crashing after the call was hung up issue but I had to give those two employees new computers to fix the issue. Qgate did not troubleshoot the issue further. If Qgate was proactive they would have looked further into the issue and we would not be dealing with this mess of a software program.

  26. 06 Jul 20

  27. 02 Jul 20

    professional service

  28. 18 Jun 20

    Whilst everyone at Qgate was very helpful, we did have to have multiple calls and repeated testing on several occasions to set up a function which we already had on the previous version of D365. This took several weeks and a lot of back and forth to resolve, but it is all sorted now.

  29. 18 Jun 20

    Super fast response time for rate loading in an hour!

  30. 09 Jun 20

    I like the way you have provided support and hope to you will maintain this. Happy with your support.

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