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  1. 14 Nov 18

    Prompt response and ability to resolve the issue.

  2. 05 Nov 18

    San followed up well.

  3. 31 Oct 18

    Sam on the support team was extremely helpdesk and attentive, he called myself and a colleague of mine to reoslve our issue and followed up in writing to provide further assistance with unrelated issues. Thank you Sam!

  4. 30 Oct 18

    Very helpful, many thanks!

  5. 09 Oct 18

    The Support team are very quick to respond to any queries and always come up with a reason or solution to the issue. Thanks for your help.

  6. 24 Sep 18

    The time from raising the query to resolution was very fast, thank you.

  7. 10 Sep 18

    Took a number of weeks to resolve issue - not entirely Qgate's fault as was issue with Microsoft.

  8. 07 Sep 18

    Patient with all my firewall issues! Thanks guys!

  9. 02 Aug 18

    Support was able to answer my question immediately with detailed instructions on how to get my personal edition of Qlikview back up and running.

  10. 31 Jul 18

    knowledge and prompt response

  11. 27 Jul 18

    Prompt response and good understanding of my problem.

  12. 11 Jul 18

  13. 10 Jul 18

    Very helpful and promt.

  14. 26 Jun 18

    Generally a good service, always respond promptly and endeavour to find the route of the issue, however sometimes it has taken a long time to get the problem resolved.

  15. 22 Jun 18

    was very helpfull and quick easy process to sort out

  16. 20 Jun 18

    Quick replys

  17. 12 Jun 18

    Very helpful, quick response

  18. 31 May 18

    Technical support was professional and answered my questions in a friendly way.

  19. 21 May 18

    Craig has been very helpful & patient with the issue that we've had. He has persisted until the issue was solved completely.

  20. 11 May 18

    Solution took a long time meaning lots of work bypassed CRM system which will cause lots of extra work in the future, numerous calls and screen shares involved just reiterating the same thing it felt like.

  21. 01 May 18

    Very helpful and go out of the way to understand our business needs

  22. 17 Apr 18

    Prompt response, which resolved our problem.

  23. 13 Apr 18

    Very helpful

  24. 10 Apr 18

    When speaking with Oliver regarding a support incident - he was very professional and knowledgeable around the software. Went above and beyond the call of duty to help us identify an issue with a 3rd party product which was outside of the QGate solution. Great service all round. Thanks again. Tom

  25. 09 Apr 18

    - the professional way of support -

  26. 20 Feb 18

    Support team are effective, friendly and knowledgeable on the CTI product.

  27. 19 Feb 18

    Your guy did not manage to resolve my issue, sent several emails asking me to try various things (no telephone call), waiting for emails to go back and forth was taking far to long and so I re-imaged the laptop which resolved the issue. would have been nice to have had a phone call, that way we could have gone through more of the troubleshooting tasks faster. we had a BDM that was unable to track emails for 72 hours+

  28. 06 Feb 18

  29. 31 Jan 18

    Issue understood and resolved quickly as always!

  30. 22 Jan 18

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