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  1. 05 Feb 20

    Took a while to get support but once picked up by the support team the response, as always, was good.

  2. 21 Jan 20

  3. 20 Jan 20

  4. 14 Jan 20

  5. 07 Jan 20

    Thank you

  6. 23 Dec 19

    Answered the question!

  7. 18 Dec 19

    Paul was very helpful. He was very prompt and proactive for sorting out all the issues we have faced.

  8. 18 Dec 19

  9. 09 Dec 19

  10. 06 Dec 19

  11. 04 Dec 19

    Very pleased; Very hard for me to give a perfect to any service.

  12. 02 Dec 19

    I would have given higher score but it was a little bit frustrating going back and forth by email trying to resolve the issue...and the response was not quite as quick as I would have hoped. I think we have a timing issue as well since you are in EU. Once we connected and had a screenshare call then the issue was fairly easily resolved.

  13. 02 Dec 19

    QGate is very professional and thorough to analyze the details given by customers to analyze- There are no outstanding or unaddressed issues. They have always gone above and beyond to give the best solutions. Thank you very much

  14. 28 Nov 19

    The support team hadn't seen the specific issue occur before but were really quick at working out the problem and fixing it. Very helpful and fast at responding!

  15. 25 Nov 19

    Datagraphic has only used QGate for a short period of time and already we are seeing the benefits in the support of the Infor product used.

  16. 14 Nov 19

    A quick response and although couldn't fix the issue due to a known bug, provided useful information from the developer

  17. 13 Nov 19

    Some details are missed in resolving issues.

  18. 07 Nov 19

    Support was knowledgable.

  19. 05 Nov 19

    I am satisfied with the attention received

  20. 04 Nov 19

    Excellent technical support and customer service. Prompt responses.

  21. 28 Oct 19

  22. 23 Oct 19

    Thank you for quick updates and details shared from IntelliCTi standard package / features/ clarifications. Good job. Cheers

  23. 22 Oct 19

    As usual, very proactive and thorough.

  24. 18 Oct 19

  25. 17 Oct 19

    Our team had a few questions during the setup and launch of our IntelliCTi integration with Infor CRM, and the QGate support was excellent. Very quick response and spot on technical direction.

  26. 08 Oct 19

  27. 30 Sep 19

    very customer focused and helpful

  28. 18 Sep 19

    Fast response and helpful

  29. 16 Sep 19

    I like Muaaz's professionalism and perseverance!

  30. 05 Sep 19

    Response was slow and took a few weeks to resolve the issue. Once I was able to connect with Craig on a conference call we we're able to resolve the issue in 15 minutes. Thanks for you guys help!!!

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