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  1. 26 Jun 19

    Excellent quality physios, massages and Pilates that got me safely and pain free through my pregnancy.

  2. 19 Jun 19

    Six Physio take a very detailed and analytical approach to physical pain. I would highly recommend.

  3. 12 Jun 19

  4. 05 Jun 19

    The sports massage was the best I ever had; the physio really took into account any previous injuries and made sure to focus on the areas of acute tension.

  5. 29 May 19

    Six physio has been and will always be my go-to number one choice for physio. All of their therapists are highly trained professionals as well as really very friendly

  6. 08 May 19

    Excellent sports massage prior to running the London Marathon. Edoardo completely understood what was needed, focussed on the areas that would help the most and gave excellent advice on how to approach the time between the massage and the marathon.

  7. 01 May 19

    I have great reviews for my physiotherapist/running coach Rachel, but not about my most recent massage. I have booked at a different clinic with a different technician to see if i like they're sports massage better. At this point I wouldn't be confident in recommending the Fleet Street Clinic for a Sports Massage.

  8. 24 Apr 19

    All good

  9. 03 Apr 19

  10. 27 Mar 19

    My massage with Eduardo was second to none. He easily ascertained my issue and worked thoroughly to alleviate it.

  11. 27 Mar 19

    It's striking that all therapists at Six Physio are extremely good so the overall level is very high. I've seen different therapists across physio, rehab and massage in my experience and they've all been fantastic. The focus is on making patients feel well straight away but also to help you improve your health long-term and this differentiates them from the rest. Everyone from reception to therapists are very friendly, precise and professional which makes it a pleasure to come back to the practice.

  12. 28 Feb 19

    Have had an amazing time with Eddie, Caoimhe and Carolyn and their efforts at pushing me back to full fitness after having an ACL operation. I honestly would not be in the position I'm currently out without their support and fine-tuned opinions on how I should progress.

  13. 20 Feb 19

  14. 20 Feb 19

  15. 13 Feb 19

  16. 07 Feb 19

  17. 30 Jan 19

    In my experience, this outfit does exactly what it says on the tin no matter who you see! Result.

  18. 23 Jan 19

    Superb and effective massage. Professional service. Felt much improved afterwards.

  19. 03 Jan 19

  20. 19 Dec 18

  21. 19 Dec 18

    Excellent service. Extremely helpful. Always easy to book an appointment.

  22. 05 Dec 18

    Chloe is amazing with magic hands . Will definitely be coming back

  23. 15 Nov 18

    I would recommend Six Physio .

  24. 07 Nov 18

    It’s a great team

  25. 07 Nov 18

    I had had a pain in my leg for sometime, which had been diagnosed by various people as IBT and then ham string. However, after my session with SixPhysio it was very apparent it was all in my glutes. I am now literally up and running!

  26. 07 Nov 18

    Professional and excellent service throughout from reception to consultation to diagnosis to treatment.

  27. 26 Oct 18

    Availability of which consultant is free on the website for when you make a booking

  28. 24 Oct 18

    I couldn't ask for a better physio team who have helped me past and present.

  29. 17 Oct 18

  30. 14 Oct 18

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