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  1. 15 Feb 18

    I've been a client of Tyrrell and Company for the last 28 years. I think that says it all. Wonderful company, staff and service.

  2. 14 Feb 18

    Very good

  3. 13 Feb 18

    Excellent, clear-sighted attention from Darren and Liam.

  4. 13 Feb 18

    As always Darren provided an excellent service given very little time .... as usual !

  5. 13 Feb 18


  6. 12 Feb 18

    Having worked with the Team at Tyrrell and Co since 2011, they have more than exceeded our expectations as an Accountancy Company but more importantly Craig Tyrrell has been instrumental in supporting our Business from its inception following an MBO in 2011 in other aspects of our Business.

  7. 11 Feb 18

    Perfect, as always

  8. 11 Feb 18

    Absolutely fantastic

  9. 08 Feb 18


  10. 07 Feb 18

    Darren is so patient and kind with me filing late. I have been poorly most of this year and have had the flu since before Christmas and was really embarrassed to be so late. He was so polite and friendly about it and did it all really quickly and well. I am sorry to have put pressure on him in this way. Darren is first class in his knowledge about my sector and keeps up to date with all new tax legislation. I have full trust and confidence in him which as a sole trader is so important. Darren goes the extra mile always and I have never had such amazing service from an accountant before. Chris on reception is first class. A cheerful,friendly face greets one every time one arrives and he is also super efficient with the admin side of things and nothing is too much trouble for him. He also answers the telephone quickly when ringing into the main line. I Many years ago I was with the private client sector of one of the big four and they were rude, lazy and dreadful. You are all streaks ahead of the main big four and I wish you all well in the coming year. Thank you so much for your help and efficiency.

  11. 07 Feb 18

    Excellent service in all areas despite the client's tardiness!

  12. 06 Feb 18

    Very good,very easy to deal with in all departments

  13. 06 Feb 18

    Brilliant! caring and fun!

  14. 05 Feb 18

  15. 04 Feb 18

    You saved me some tax!

  16. 02 Feb 18

    very good

  17. 02 Feb 18

  18. 01 Feb 18

    Just fantastic. You are always considerate reassuring, efficient, prompt and incredibly courteous. I have already recommended you to a family member on the back of your excellent service. Thank you.

  19. 01 Feb 18

    Friendly, quick and professional

  20. 31 Jan 18


  21. 31 Jan 18


  22. 26 Jan 18


  23. 25 Jan 18

  24. 25 Jan 18

    Couldn't be better on all counts.

  25. 24 Jan 18

    Self-assessment handled on time.

  26. 24 Jan 18

    As always very good

  27. 23 Jan 18

  28. 22 Jan 18

    Excellent service

  29. 22 Jan 18

    Very professional

  30. 18 Jan 18

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