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  1. 16 Sep 19

    Great as always

  2. 13 Sep 19

    Very good

  3. 13 Sep 19

    Darren is first class

  4. 13 Sep 19

    Very good .

  5. 12 Sep 19

    Tyrrell and Company have been instrumental in our Business since the MBO, Craig specifically helpful to say the least. Managing all our Compliance

  6. 09 Sep 19

    Have been very happy to use Tyrrell and Co since the very beginning. Always professional, but friendly and approachable too. Service has always been excellent.

  7. 09 Sep 19

    Very good thus far.

  8. 09 Sep 19

    Quick, easy and helpful. You take the stress of accounts off my shoulders leaving me to run my business.

  9. 03 Sep 19

    Excellent pragmatic advice with no wishy washy nonsense.

  10. 02 Sep 19

    I have always been 100% happy with the service I always recieve from your company, that is why I have stuck with you guys for a long time ,kind regards Mandy 🙂

  11. 24 Aug 19

  12. 16 Aug 19

    Well, firstly neither Andrew or myself had a statement enclosed so I phoned Darren and he sent a copy. Then when Andrew came to sign his tax form we found that he had a copy of my tax form and not his own. So phoned again and Darren was on holiday so I can't remember the chaps name he sent Andrew a copy. Which over the weekend he will sign and return. In the meantime Clyde has returned the other signed tax forms and payments have been made. Andrew will make his payment this weekend. Have just heard he has paid his statement today.

  13. 16 Aug 19

    All about the person.

  14. 12 Aug 19

  15. 12 Aug 19

  16. 06 Aug 19

  17. 31 Jul 19

  18. 25 Jul 19

    First class high speed production of our two tax returns, that would have taken me at least 3 weeks to prepare!

  19. 19 Jul 19

  20. 15 Jul 19

  21. 09 Jul 19

    Responses to recent queries have been slow and not addressed the specific query raised. The final response did not properly address our specific question and was a generic/formulaic answer inappropriate to our needs which we read as a lack of interest.

  22. 09 Jul 19


  23. 08 Jul 19


  24. 08 Jul 19

  25. 05 Jul 19

    Errors quickly amended.

  26. 03 Jul 19


  27. 01 Jul 19

  28. 01 Jul 19

    On the whole it was fine but the response times on questions has got much longer. There also seems to be a lack of proactive advice. For example I had to ask about putting money into my pension, I also gave myself and Liz a pay rise to ensure going into the next tax year we are getting best possible savings.

  29. 27 Jun 19

  30. 27 Jun 19

    First rate. A real pleasure to deal with.

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