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  1. 26 May 20

    The team here are always really welcoming and friendly. The environment was clean and the physios use all the new guidelines to make the place feel really safe. I felt really safe going here post covid and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  2. 15 May 20

    I received great treatment for a sciatic nerve problem that didn’t seem to want to go away. David was clear in communicating what to do, and despite being able to do only 2 sessions in person. Due to coronavirus the remaining sessions were video sessions, but were equally as effective! I can’t thank him enough.

  3. 15 Mar 20

  4. 24 Feb 20

    Physiotherapists here are; interested, engaged, interesting and engaging.

  5. 20 Feb 20

  6. 12 Feb 20

  7. 10 Feb 20

  8. 29 Jan 20

    Professional and friendly advice

  9. 27 Jan 20

  10. 06 Jan 20

  11. 06 Jan 20

    I have not previously had to have physio but I have been very pleased with West London Physio to date

  12. 23 Dec 19

  13. 19 Dec 19

    Only part-way through the treatment! So far doing well, many thanks to Liam

  14. 11 Dec 19

  15. 10 Dec 19

    It’s been a brilliant and seamless experience so far. Kam is terrific.

  16. 05 Dec 19

  17. 28 Nov 19

    A very male-dominated environment as far as the therapists are concerned and it would be more balanced with at least one female therapist, rather than just the two female receptionists. Strangely old-fashioned atmosphere I think because of this - like stepping back into a typing pool in the 1960s. I did not appreciate my therapist greeting me with a coffee and glass of water - for him. Not a professional or engaging start. Nothing wrong with his skills but altogether a peculiarly off-putting experience of the practice as a whole.

  18. 27 Nov 19

    Appreciate it’s not a quick fix but distance from the tube and tight staircase are not ideal for patients with limited mobility

  19. 27 Nov 19

  20. 18 Nov 19

    I was most sympathetically received, and expertly dealt with. Too early to know whether by back is recovering, but I am optimistic.

  21. 18 Nov 19

  22. 18 Nov 19

    Kam is great - very calm and reassuring, and I have total faith in his treatment.

  23. 03 Nov 19

    My session of physio with Maggy was so well done and she sorted the back pain I was experiencing. Thank you so much.

  24. 24 Oct 19

    Very much liked Liam and was very satisfied with his treatment.

  25. 22 Oct 19

    Fantastic service and swift resolution of my issue! Cameron Tudor is impressively knowledgeable!

  26. 21 Oct 19

    I am really happy to have been recommended to come here! I felt that with each session I had a thoughtful review and treatment to help me progress. Liam went straight to tackling my issue from the 1st appointment and my recovery has moved on much quicker than anticipated. My recommendation would be to place the signage closer to the street so that it is easier to view when walking past. The location can be easy to miss.

  27. 21 Oct 19

  28. 18 Oct 19

    No. The whole thing was excellent.

  29. 15 Oct 19

    Liam is extremely good and was able to sort out my back issue in 3 seesions.

  30. 15 Oct 19

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