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  6. 28 May 22

    Liam has helped me to manage chronic pain symptoms as effectively as possible with simple exercises tailored to my condition and lifestyle. I use what he has taught me every day. I would not go anywhere else for physio. The whole team is outstanding - friendly, professional and efficient.

  7. 28 May 22

    David Wynne is very professional, helpful, put me at ease and his instructions are clear. Thank you David.

  8. 27 May 22

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  10. 25 May 22

    Kam is absolutely brilliant at recognising what treatment is needed to improve mobility, getting back to a more normal way of life.

  11. 24 May 22

  12. 11 May 22

    Excellent service provided. Chris Bestwick was thorough, and constructive advice to give and most importantly communicated with me in a pleasant and encouraging manner.

  13. 26 Apr 22

    West London Physio goes above and beyond in providing quality care to their clients and makes each one feel like family as if their needs are the first priority.

  14. 19 Apr 22

    Although the soundwave treatment was very painful and even gave me a bruise, it has improved my leg. I am now - two weeks after the second treatment - able to walk better than before and I'm very grateful to Chris.

  15. 19 Apr 22

    Excellent professional people, hugely impressive

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  19. 28 Mar 22

    I was especially impressed that Kam had contacted my consultant and was cognisant of my medical requirements and his clinical expertise. Importantly, Kam was candid and honest concerning what he could do to assist me and to instil me with confidence. He set realistic targets and was encouraging. Finally, I was delighted that he provided his email to ensure that if I encountered difficulties he was accessible. I am most satisfied and eager to transform myself and address my back problems.

  20. 11 Mar 22

    My rave review is that Kam realised there was something very wrong with me and referred me to a rheumatologist, Dr Hall, who diagnosed me with Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis. For the last 8 months I had been to see numerous specialists who were unable to give me any diagnosis. I was getting progressively worse. Now I am starting to feel better as I am on the correct medication for my condition. I am very grateful to Kam for setting me on the path to recovery

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  23. 07 Mar 22

    Thoughtful and considered treatment, followed by a careful plan to set me back on my feet. Highly recommended!

  24. 07 Mar 22

  25. 07 Mar 22

    My daughter arranged for a home physio visit when I was in great pain. Liam McCloskey arrived on time, gave his full attention to taking the history of the pain, realised the probable cause of the problem was cervical radiculopathy and began treatment which helped relieve the pressure in my neck. The two most impressive things were his observation of me during the assessment. I was worried I was being a wimp, but in his feedback he said he had observed how much pain I was in by my movements and unconscious inability to ease the pain. The second was his advice to keep warm and rest when I needed it, as well as showing me some exercises to keep moving safely. This ‘permission to rest’ when I was feeling so dreadful was the balm I didn’t know I needed. Also, the massage and the oil was soothing and effective. I know all this sounds a bit OTT, but I have never been in so much pain (nerve pain) and his professional understanding and care was exactly what I needed. My daughter was also relieved and reassured by the care I received.

  26. 07 Mar 22

    Nothing to do better!!

  27. 28 Feb 22

    Everything was very good. Didn't need the second app.

  28. 26 Feb 22

    Great service - efficient, friendly and professional.

  29. 14 Feb 22

  30. 14 Feb 22

    Am so grateful to David for the excellent care , assessment and advice, speaking to my Doctor and Specialist advising them of the problem and thus able to proceed with exercises and future operation needed..

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