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  1. 11 Feb 19

    Liam has been fantastic at communicating and I am very happy with the treatment I have been receiving .

  2. 06 Feb 19

    Absolutely brilliant Physio treatment from Cameron. Have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your practise to friends. I live literally around the corner from you & never knew you existed until my Specialist recommended you as "the best Physio in London". Suggest you post your details to the locals... we all need your help!!

  3. 06 Feb 19

  4. 06 Feb 19

    I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. Staff was so friendly and thorough. They gave me the relief that I needed. I have already recommended the clinic to others.

  5. 06 Feb 19

    Genuine concern and help and with assurance that I would soon be better.

  6. 06 Feb 19

    Genuine concern and help and with assurance that I would soon be better.

  7. 28 Jan 19

  8. 14 Jan 19

    Wonderful assessment and solutions

  9. 14 Jan 19

    Nothing I can think of except I probably should have come for treatment sooner, thank you

  10. 14 Jan 19

  11. 08 Jan 19

    All very good thank you, i hope my knees recover over time.

  12. 07 Jan 19

    My mom has been visiting West London Physiotherapy for the past two years, she travels for almost 3 hours there and 3 hours back from Norfolk, just for a one-hour treatment with Maggie and physiotherapy with David Wynne and has always raved about them and rates it highly. I had a shoulder and neck injury from playing rugby and on my mom's recommendation booked a treatment with Maggie. Maggie was not just effective but also incredibly knowledgeable!! I am a student a St Marys University studying Strength and Conditioning Science and during that one hour, I learned so much about the anatomy and physiology of the neck and shoulder as well as have the best treatment I could have possibly asked for. I will definitely be visiting again and making this my go-to for recovery and longevity. The team there as a whole are very friendly and professional and the location is perfect. I highly recommend Maggie, she is awesome!!!!

  13. 02 Jan 19

  14. 17 Dec 18


  15. 17 Dec 18

  16. 17 Dec 18

  17. 11 Dec 18

    maggie was great

  18. 10 Dec 18

    David Wynne is excellent, really professional and with a lovely manner. The admin team members are friendly and efficient.

  19. 10 Dec 18

    My only marginal complaint is that Kam does not always seem to be aware of the exercises he has already prescribed. A more careful review of my file before my appointment would remove this issue.

  20. 19 Nov 18

    Liam Mccloskey is a great physiotherapist, he has really assisted me in my recovery (Knee injury). He is pleasant and professional The reception staff are really welcoming, shoutout to Rebecca In particular. I come from far for this treatment and its worth the hassle! Thank you all for your efforts

  21. 13 Nov 18

    Amazing staff ! Warm welcome and efficient treatment. I will definitely not hesitate to come back again if needed.

  22. 13 Nov 18

    I am being treated by David Wynne. David combines a high level of knowledge, skills and a pleasant, supportive manner. He is a very good diagnostician and a patient instructor. I would recommend him highly to anyone requiring treatment and support following an injury or operation.

  23. 05 Nov 18

  24. 31 Oct 18

  25. 30 Oct 18

    I love the guys and girls over at West London Physio! Great honest treatment. I never feel you are brought back just for the sake of being brought back. The physios are the best...and i've seen many Physios in my time in London. Would highly recommend.

  26. 25 Oct 18

    My therapist, Liam, was very knowledgeable and diagnosed the root of my chronic issues very quickly.

  27. 25 Oct 18


  28. 15 Oct 18

    I had hip pain that I had no idea where it came from or what it was. A few friends highly recommended West London Physiotherapy and I felt immediately I was in good hands. Liam was fantastic at figuring out what had happened and prescribing me an exercise plan to help my pain. I'm feeling so much better and would highly recommend West London Physiotherapy (and do!).

  29. 03 Oct 18

    If/when the gym is being used by more than one person, it would make for a better experience if each of the professionals involved managed the treatment of their individual client with better acknowledgment of and attention to the treatment being carried out with the client of their colleague.

  30. 01 Oct 18

    Liam is thorough and professional. He really takes the time to explain everything and is genuinely invested in positive progress and healing. Thank you Liam!

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