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  1. 07 Aug 20

    Really friendly and approachable, great online system in terms of exercise regimes (with moving images to ensure you are doing them correctly), appointment reminders and ease of contact, great facilities and very professional staff both front of house and physios too. Good range of services; physio and acupuncture offered and each session feels very tailored and targeted. Thank you.

  2. 14 Jul 20

  3. 14 Jul 20

  4. 14 Jul 20

    I would recommend West London Physio to any of my family and friends. Thanks Liam!

  5. 13 Jul 20

    I feel I have a good understanding of what the problem is, the exercises make sense. I feel I am listened to and part of the process - at other places I have felt that I was being administered to And a bit in the dark about what was being done to me and why and simply sent away until my next appointment. The reverse is true with you- thank you

  6. 13 Jul 20

    I was so scared that I would have to stop exercising due to the pain in my knees. David diagnosed the problem and explained what I should be doing and what I should avoid. I was thrilled that I could continue some forms of exercise. He devised an exercise plan and I can’t believe how quickly I saw an improvement. The needling also seemed to have a positive impact. This is not the first time I have had this injury but it is the first time that I have had such clarity regarding how to manage it. I would highly recommend the practice and specifically David.

  7. 13 Jul 20

  8. 13 Jul 20

  9. 13 Jul 20

    Thank you for your professional, considerate and efficient service. The treatment has proved to be beneficial and effective.

  10. 13 Jul 20

    Absolutely fantastic. Kam would explain everything in detail, demonstrate the exercises I needed to undertake and requested I film them to ensure that I wouldn't forget how to do them. My back is now back to normal and I owe it to him

  11. 09 Jul 20

  12. 09 Jul 20

    Kam was very helpful and personable.

  13. 09 Jul 20

  14. 22 Jun 20

    David Wynne has been great to work with. Building me up slowly, surely and always in the right direction. Even when I've had major setbacks he has still been very positive and got me back on track again. All this has been done with the restrictions of only being able to use a video link. I believe I am now on my way to a full recovery where I once thought thay only surgery would be the answer. I cant recommended him enough.

  15. 20 Jun 20

  16. 19 Jun 20

  17. 19 Jun 20

    David Wynne is simply the best physiotherapistwith whom I have ever worked . He has deep knowledge, superb expertise and, with his warmth and patience, is a natural teacher and healer. When I started our sessions I was still in a lot of pain: I have been amazed at how quickly the pain disappeared and David's exercises helped the strngthen damaged muscles and nerves.

  18. 26 May 20

    The team here are always really welcoming and friendly. The environment was clean and the physios use all the new guidelines to make the place feel really safe. I felt really safe going here post covid and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  19. 15 May 20

    I received great treatment for a sciatic nerve problem that didn’t seem to want to go away. David was clear in communicating what to do, and despite being able to do only 2 sessions in person. Due to coronavirus the remaining sessions were video sessions, but were equally as effective! I can’t thank him enough.

  20. 15 Mar 20

  21. 24 Feb 20

    Physiotherapists here are; interested, engaged, interesting and engaging.

  22. 20 Feb 20

  23. 12 Feb 20

  24. 10 Feb 20

  25. 29 Jan 20

    Professional and friendly advice

  26. 27 Jan 20

  27. 06 Jan 20

  28. 06 Jan 20

    I have not previously had to have physio but I have been very pleased with West London Physio to date

  29. 23 Dec 19

  30. 19 Dec 19

    Only part-way through the treatment! So far doing well, many thanks to Liam

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